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Meanwhile, at Scudamore's, the Twins tear open the Detour. Phil and the Hands explain the Detour concept, of course. You know by now about the pros and the cons. This week's choices are Punt and Bike. In Punt, you have to...well, it's actually "punting," although I'll admit it's not what I think of as punting, because there's no overpaid guy with one shoe trying to avoid being crushed by seven guys who are three times his size. Instead, it's where you take a boat down the river, and one person sits with a little paddle and the other stands with a long pole, and that's how you navigate. The boat ride is one mile. In Bike, you ride a tandem bike, which is easier than punting, but you have to do it for six miles. Interestingly, this isn't really a Tortoise/Hare or a Reckless/Chicken detour. It's what you might call a Strange/Familiar detour, in which the decision is based on a rough estimate of how difficult something will be when you haven't ever done it before, but it seems like it might hold an advantage. Whichever choice you take, you wind up at the same bridge, where the clues are dangling over the river. Interestingly, when Phil explains the detour, he has a gray T-shirt on that makes him look kind of dippy. It looks like someone's grandmother's shirt. So, to review: White shirt good, gray shirt bad.

Derek and Drew decide to Punt. Drew thinks it will be easier to just go straight down the river than ride around on bikes for miles. Prince-lite guitar riffs accompany them onto the boat. "You'd better make better use of that pole," Derek commands as they get started. Yeah, I know. You're thinking about the naked pictures. See how fast that joke just burns up on reentry? (DON'T even say it.) It's like a fire that gets too hot and blows itself out. The naked pictures are so funny and creepy that they go all the way back around to being sort of goofy and stupid again. Derek threatens at one point to take over the pole, but Drew talks him down. They eventually get the hang of the punting. I will admit to a growing affection for these guys, which is probably partly because the alliance that has formed against them is so odious. But it's also because they're a little bit hapless and quite personable, both of which are good qualities in racers. I have to admit, though, that I still don't find them particularly cute. I may be unwell.

The Brothers Oppositamazov peruse train schedules in London, looking for the train to Cambridge. While they're on the train, they voice over about what a good time they're having. Dear Brothers Oppositamazov: I will need my own room, and would request a generous allowance. I am willing to do my own laundry.

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