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Andrew seems to be getting into something with a ticket guy, and his dad comes over to bail him out. "Andrew! Andrew!" He puts his hand on Andrew's shoulder and pulls him back. "If he wants to be a jerk, he can be one. We don't have to be," Dennis says plainly as they walk away. I'm not sure what the airport guy did, but I suspect it was something not-very-nice to get that reaction out of Dennis. Andrew voices over that when you're a cheerleader, you learn how to hang in there, no matter how far behind your team is. He doesn't, however, do a back flip in the airport, which would have been really cool. He keeps working hard -- standing in line, staying on the phone, and even trying the internet, it appears. They know they've fallen far behind, but they finally get on a flight, hoping that if they can snag the Fast Forward once they get to London, they might still have a chance.

Michael and Kathy and Aaron and Arianne land in Miami. Michael explains that they only have forty minutes to make their flight to London, so I guess they didn't take the Paris route after all. They run through the airport as the brass-heavy music blasts. When they get to the flight, they're told that there isn't space in economy, so they're screwed. I think it means either that they were on standby, or that they got there so late that their seats had been given away. Arianne plays with one of those stupid stress balls as they try to figure out whether they can beg their way onto the plane.

Commercials. Do you have a flaky scalp? You do? How do you even go on living?

The MeSmugYouSmugger sub-alliance sweats the lack of seats on the Miami-London flight. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed seeing the cocky attitude of some of these people knocked clean off their faces when they were confronted with missing this flight. Aaron voices over about what a bad break this all was: "'Oh, sorry, you don't have boarding passes' -- we couldn't get on the flight." Well, yeah, except that it's not that you didn't have boarding passes. It's that you either booked your connection too tight (something teams always have to watch out for), or you didn't have seats. It was a strategy problem, not a stroke of bad luck. Which is exactly what Heather (bless her vapid heart) told you back in Cancun. This scene is exactly why Heather was right (oh, how that pains me). Yeah, sure, the lady shows up and agrees to let them sit in business class, but this came very close to being a death blow. At this point in the race, say it with me: The key is not being first. The key is just not being last. This worked out by sheer luck, but according to how crappy their strategy was, they could easily have been hosed, and would have deserved it. Of course, not satisfied to just be grateful that the airline people gave them free upgrades, Aaron and Arianne mug snottily about the glory of business class. Ech. Also, can someone tell me why they wear sweatbands on their wrists all the time? That's one of the more annoyingly cutesy gimmicks I've seen. And remember, I watched an entire season of Guidowear.

The Union Jack ripples frenetically in the time-lapsed breeze as unnecessary subtitling informs us that we are in London. Look! Double-decker buses! And -- over there! Fluffy-hat guards! Are you getting the London vibe yet? Derek and Drew hit town at 6:35 AM. For some reason, the music is screeching and tense. Maybe the music guy saw the naked pictures, too. Phil voices over that the teams are on their way to the previously mentioned Scudamore's route marker. The next teams to get to London come in at 10:15 AM. It's Aaron and Arianne and Michael and Kathy, of course, because comeuppance (I dearly hope) is for later in the race. The Twins get on a train headed for Cambridge. At 10:20 AM, Ken and Gerard land, followed at 11:10 AM by FloZach and Heave.

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