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Derek and Drew land in Mexico City, followed by Aaron and Arianne and Michael and Kathy. "We are getting to England, because I don't want those twins to have that much of a lead on us," Aaron drones. Again. Some more. Said Twins, meanwhile, rather than sit around bitching about Aaron (whose name they probably barely know), start working with the American Airlines lady to get from Mexico City to Heathrow. (Note the gorgeous American Airlines plane. American Airlines: The Official Airline Of Putting The Screws To A Bunch of Whiners.) They wind up on an 11:15 AM flight bound for Miami, which will go from there to London.

Back in Cancun, Teri and Ian get on their way to Mexico City on an 11:55 AM flight, but Dennis and Andrew can't get seats on it. Teri and Ian apparently also have a plane from Mexico City to London. Speaking as someone with an unhealthy interest in arcane details, I have to say I'm frustrated by the show's use of the Amazing Dotted Line on the Amazing World Map, because I can't tell whether it means they're on standby, which would make the most sense to me, or whether it means they just haven't taken the flight yet, which seems to be what it actually means. Communicate more clearly, please.

Minor Controversy of the Week, a.k.a. JoeNamathGate. Remember that Brady Bunch episode where Cindy got Joe Namath to visit Bobby by saying she was writing because Bobby was "very, very sick"? Well, Andrew is on the phone trying to get tickets, and he tells whoever it is that he's trying to get home to his mom, because she's "very, very sick." Should he have done this? No, but I don't really care. You can tell this isn't how this kid typically responds to these situations. If that's the worst thing he ever does, he will have led a good life. Dennis, meanwhile, is thinking the same thing -- technically, he shouldn't approve. But unofficially, he's impressed, and also a little amused, and he can't help smiling. Plus, Andrew is a lot less annoying than Cindy.

In Mexico City, Michael and Kathy and Aaron and Arianne discuss a flight path through Miami and Paris. They take off for Miami at 2:25 PM, and it sounds like the Miami-Paris leg will leave later that night. On the plane, we see Aaron being that loud, excitable guy we are all afraid will sit by us on every plane we ever take. And see, the Amazing Dotted Line goes straight from Mexico City to London, despite the fact that they discussed a Paris stop. Come on, help me out here, Graphics Person. Overanalytical geeks like me are part of your core audience.

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