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7:47 AM. Teri and Ian. Ian says, for the four hundredth time so far, that they're never going to quit, because you don't quit, and you never quit, and you can't quit. I just wish he would tell us how he feels about quitting. He says he's hoping to catch up at the airport. Oh, and he wants to set a good example for his children, which is presumably why he's so unerringly pleasant, particularly to his wife.

At the Cancun airport, a luggage truck gets out of the camera's way. Heather and Eve are working on tickets, as the Latin-tinged airline strategy music plays. Heather is strongly committed to the idea that you don't book a partial route and then go halfway and hope for the best -- you book all the way to where you're going at the beginning. I actually agree with that, nine times out of ten. She points out that if they don't book tickets between Mexico City and London, then the seats on those flights will be booked by racers who show up in Cancun while they're in the air to Mexico City. You know, for a girl who's as committed as she is to making herself look stupid so men will pay attention to her and give her money, Heather really isn't entirely without sound thoughts. Elsewhere, Michael interviews that he doesn't enjoy Heave. "I just don't like chickenheads barking in my ear." Mmm, mixed metaphor soup. Delicious. Michael and Kathy and Aaron and Arianne take off on the earlier flight to Mexico City, but don't have seats beyond that point. Michael says that he was happy to dump two teams, because it was "just like dumping baggage." My, he's certainly a prize.

Jill and JV, Andre and Damon, and Gerard and Ken all get seats on a 10:25 AM flight to Mexico City, but Andre and Damon and Jill and JV don't have seats to London yet. Gerard and Ken, however, have wangled seats from Mexico City to Paris and then to London. Heather laments (quite correctly) that Ken and Gerard got the last seats on that flight, and had she and Eve and FloZach not been standing around arguing about what to do, they could have gotten those seats, because they actually beat the Brothers No-hair-amazov to the airport. The 10:25 flight takes off with Ken and Gerard, Jill and John Vito, and Andre and Damon aboard.

Dennis and Andrew and Teri and Ian arrive at the Cancun airport and start working.

Heave and FloZach get an 11:05 out of Cancun to Mexico City, having gotten tickets to London through Paris just as Ken and Gerard did. It's not clear whether they're reserved all the way to London yet, but I would think they would be, since Heather was so determined to wait.

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