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6:02 AM. Ken and Gerard. They note that their competition right now is the HugeTinies and the Twins -- "They're strong, they're beautiful, and they're in the lead." Do not despair, o ye of little follicles! "We're not as good-looking, we're not as physical," Gerard says, "but we've got spunk."

Derek and Drew are using the Arrival/Departure board to look for flights. They spot a 7:00 AM flight to Mexico City, and decide to go investigate. The HugeTinies arrive at the airport next. "Maybe the Twins are here!" Flo grates. "It's all about lying to the Twins, all day," Aaron snots. Much "twin hunt" yapping follows. They all chuckle, and I guess I can understand why. Fourth grade was pretty funny.

Gerard explains in the Brothermobile that "everybody in that alliance is against the Wonder Twins," because they're such a threat. Ken: "And it's like...'Oh, and we're not a big threat?' So...screw them! Let's go, Gerard!" They slap hands over Kenny's shoulder. They'll be adopting me later. Psst, fellas? Congratulations! It's a girl!

6:52 AM. Jill and Jon Bon Vito. He says, "Jill's not your typical girl. She's a little ballsy." Well, in a sense, that's certainly "not typical." In fact, that's the New England Journal of Medicine kind of "not typical." They dash for Cancun.

At 7:00 AM, Derek and Drew get a flight out of Cancun, having decided to head for the bigger airport and see what happens. A risky strategy, but perhaps, with the size of their lead, not a bad one.

Back at the airport, the HugeTinies are also monitoring the Arrival/Departure board. "We're looking for the fastest way to Mexico City," Eve drones, as she stares dead-eyed from behind her suddenly unkempt hair. The alliance begins to learn what Team Guido could have told them, which is that it's really hard to book tickets for a huge group like this -- they reference "eight tickets," but of course, it's actually sixteen tickets, with the camera and sound guys we know they have to get seats for. Michael comments, "Too many cooks in the kitchen."

Ken and Gerard run to the airport, followed by Jill and JV. All start hunting flights to Mexico City.

7:45 AM. Andre and Damon. They say they're not making any more impetuous, emotional decisions. Yeah. You know, I was going to say, these guys need to not talk about their feelings so much.

7:46 AM. Dennis and Andrew. Andrew interviews that his dad has always struggled with the fact that he's gay, but that he thinks the race has helped his dad understand that he's also tough and self-sufficient, which has been a big help. Aw.

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