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4:43 AM. Aaron and Arianne. (See those departure times? Not really very close last week, the race to the mat between the first two teams, despite the way it was edited.) Aaron "explains" (or, if you prefer, "fantasizes") that he and Arianne took on a leadership role, because they're leaderrific, and now they're "looked at as being leaders." "We are gonna chase those twins down and tell 'em who's boss," Arianne offers. I've got news for you, Perky -- you're going to have to get them to turn around first, because you're going to see nothing but their backs all day.

4:44 AM. Heave. Heather explains that they "always seem to be in the first pack." I guess "always" means "for one leg" at this point, but who am I to argue with the Ivy League? Heather contributes that they, too, are trying to get rid of Derek and Drew. So as it turns out, Heave has effectively replaced Jill and John Vito in the MeHugeYouTinies. What's even funnier is that they fit right in.

4:45 AM. Michael and Kathy. Kathy says that it's great for them to be in Mexico, where they met. Michael says, however, that they're too tired to get romantic. Wow, he looks all used-up already. It's going to be a long race, man. You'll need to wash your face. He also refers to Mexico as "the scene of the crime," romantically speaking. You know, what with this discussion and his well-known fondness for the word "squares," I have a feeling Michael is one of those guys who didn't understand that Trent in Swingers wasn't actually supposed to be a role model.

4:49 AM. Flo and Zach. He's already wearing the map light on his head, so you know he's raring to go. Flo interviews that she couldn't just casually date Zach, but would have to marry him, or she wouldn't want to bother. Oh, yeah, that's the way to reel him in. Perhaps I'm failing to get in the spirit of this, but I get absolutely no vibe of romantic chemistry off these two whatsoever. He acts like he barely even likes her, and she mostly seems paranoid that he isn't paying attention to her. Granted, the ten minutes or so of footage we've seen of them so far doesn't provide an airtight opportunity to judge, but what's a snap judgment without the snap?

Derek and Drew pull up at the Cancun airport, where they'll need a flight to Mexico City in order to go on to London. The MeHugeYouTinies are heading for the airport as well. Aaron stops the caravan right on the road and jumps out. He stands in the street, lecturing everyone about how they have to go to airport parking, and then he starts discussing flight strategy. Yeah, while standing in the street. "We want to try to get a direct from Mexico to London," he says like the bossy brat he's going to be for the next hour. Oh, good. I'm sure no one would have thought of that if not for this impromptu chalk talk. And it's not even a good strategy. It's entirely possible that connecting could be faster, depending on when the next direct flight is. It seems to me that the teams that have been good at the airport have been the ones who know how to find someone who can help them and how to explain what they need, not necessarily the ones who predetermine the way to do it before they even get to the ticket agent. Michael babbles something about how he's bonded with the rest of the HugeTinies for the purposes of the race, even though he would never talk to them in real life. At least he and I can agree on that.

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