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On the last bus, Andre and Damon and Teri and Ian eye each other grimly. Jill, meanwhile, heaves the rock, she and John Vito get the clue, and they land on the mat. Welcome, Jill Bon Vito, you are team number seven. They high-five. And, you know, for her, the high-five is really high.

The last bus pulls into Aberdeen. They get cabs. When they reach the Roadblock, Teri reads the clue. "You've gotta do it," Ian says, shaking his head. The hell? She starts the caber toss, and does not have an easy time. Rather than flipping end over end, the pole seems to want to just slip out of her hands and drop on the ground. She tries to run along flipping it by hand, actually turning it over herself. Uh, no. Ian suggests she try another game and come back to it. She says she can't, and even if she could, that would be stupid. (Well, she doesn't say the "stupid" part, but I think she thinks it.) "Don't give me instructions," she snaps. "It was your choice not do it." Gosh. They're lovely. "I thought you were gonna do the Roadblock," he says, almost as if she volunteered and he didn't say "you've gotta do it" as soon as she opened it. Which he did.

Here come Andre and Damon. Eventually, Teri does get the pole to flip. Of course, then Ian cheers for her. This is one of those really telling moments, because it seems to me that anyone can be supportive after something is accomplished. That's nothing. What matters is how you act when it's not going well. These Roadblocks that are watched close-up by your teammate are so revealing, because there are so many approaches as the spectator. You can tease them and try to keep them light, which is, for instance, how Alex reacted in New Zealand when Chris couldn't get White Sheep to listen to him. You can yell support, which is what most people choose to do. But when you act cold and disapproving, it says a lot.

Andre and Damon and Teri and Ian get the clue at just about the same time, and they're off on a run to the pit stop. Firecop gets out ahead. "Well, we gave it our best shot, dear," Ian whines as they approach the pit stop, knowing they're behind Andre and Damon. Firecop arrives as team number eight. When Teri and Ian hit the mat, Phil grimaces at them. He'll probably claim later that he was faking them out, but I think he was depressed that he was again deprived of the opportunity to Philiminate them. He tells them they aren't last. They hug. Bleh. Ian makes some lame-ass "beam me up, Scotty" joke to the greeter. Oh, har, har.

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