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Tanks for the memories

Aaron grunts and tosses the rock, and finally, he and Arianne get on their way to the castle. Meanwhile, Michael and Kathy arrive at last. Heave finishes the games, and they're off to the castle as well, followed by FloZach.

Ken and Gerard hit the mat. Welcome, fellas, you are team number two. You know, it's interesting -- this was a pretty physical leg in some ways, and these guys moved up from sixth to second. They may not be as young and rippling-muscle-y as some of the teams they're competing against, but the fact that they held their own in this leg seems to bode well for them. If they're not going to fall behind Derek and Drew doing the games, then they probably have as good a shot as they could ask for. Phil gives them a nice little eyebrow lift as he tells them they're team number two -- I think he's impressed with them too. They hug.

Michael starts the Roadblock as the other HugeTinies converge on the castle. FloZach is team number three, while Aaron and Arianne, having allowed two teams to get between them and their despised rivals, come in fourth. Gee, that part where they caught up sure didn't last very long. And in case you haven't noticed, given the fact that there are only nine teams left after this elimination, fourth place is barely ahead of the middle of the pack. Wooo! Leaderrific!

Michael finishes up the Roadblock posthaste. He comments that the first five teams are within about five minutes of each other, which seems about right. Heather is team number five, and is kind enough to let Eve stand on the mat with her. Michael and Kathy are team number six.

Dennis and Andrew continue to enjoy the limo ride. Andrew offers a cheer: "Dennis and Andrew are really fast, we drove that tank across a lot of grass, we're so fast we're going to kick your..." He hesitates. "Beeeep!" He chuckles. "I can't say 'ass' in front of my dad." Ha! Dennis gives him the big Elbow Of Love. They laugh. They're so cool.

Here come Jill and John Vito, on the second bus. She, wearing a pair of big purple Elton John shades, says that she's "nervous." When they get to the Roadblock, she takes it. "Do I need a lot of muscles for this?" she asks with a smile, hands on hips, as she sets up for the caber toss. "No, you're too good-looking for muscles," says their game guide in his lovely brogue. "You got that right," we hear John Vito mutter. Aww. She comments that this might be a Roadblock her sturdily constructed beau should have taken instead, but she attacks it anyway. She even does a little Three Stooges "woop woop woop" as she balances the pole. As John Vito points out in a later interview, the pole is about three times as tall as Jill is, and it teeters a bit. She tosses it successfully, though, jumping for joy when it lands along the lines. Love her. Even though she does go, "Woo!"

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