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Aaron and Arianne and Flo and Zach both go off in the wrong direction. The Twins and Ken and Gerard go in the right direction. God points and laughs. Now, Heave, Ken and Gerard, and Derek and Drew are all going in the right direction toward the field. They all arrive at just about the same time, with Derek and Drew holding a slight lead. It takes Ken and Gerard a minute to find the clue box, because their cabbie accidentally blocks it with the car when he parks. Oops. The clue says that the person who does this Roadblock should be "feeling gamy." I suspect they're all pretty gamy right now, thank you very much. This week's Roadblock, as Phil explains, involves three tasks that are part of the Highland Games. One is the caber toss, where you flip a very long pole end-over-end and make it land along a fairly narrow channel. The next is a hammer throw (shout-out!), where you have to...sort of throw a big thing that looks like a very long-handled toilet plunger, except that it weighs a whole lot, and you're throwing it for accuracy, trying to make it land on a yellow line. (Oh, shut up. Phil's explanation isn't that much better.) And the last is the shot-put, where you just keep heaving a heavy rock down the field until you get to the finish line.

Heather takes the Roadblock for Heave. (Yeah, no kidding. What with Eve's "pulled muscle," she'd probably ask Heather to carry half the pole.) Derek is the chosen Twin, while Ken takes it for the other brothers. It's funny, because Ken and Gerard are sort of walking toward the Roadblock, but when Derek and Drew come by running, they run, too.

The delayed Aaron and Arianne and FloZach arrive. Aaron and Zach take on the Roadblock. Elsewhere, unsurprisingly, Derek is pretty quick at the tasks. When Aaron finishes the caber toss, he actually inserts Task One-and-a-Half between Task One and Task Two. What is Task One-and-a-Half? The Run Like A Goof And Flap Your Arms. He has impressive form in that particular event, I should say. I think the revelation is Ken, who's surprisingly quick at a couple of these things, or so it appears. The fellas finish right on the heels of the Twins, which is impressive. The next clue sends them to a pit stop that's a short hike from where they are. Phil describes the location of Dunnottar Castle, which is the next pit stop. It's very pretty -- looks very much your typical Scottish castle on a cliff. You could definitely throw yourself from a high place and dash yourself on the rocks if, for instance, your father planned to make you marry someone dastardly.

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