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Tanks for the memories

On the 10:00 PM bus on the way to Aberdeen, John Vito and Jill give the update. They're beaming, very happy about the three-hour jump they have on at least a couple of teams stuck behind them.

Andre and Damon and Teri and Ian run into each other post-punt at the 1:30 bus. Ian is happy that they're not last, just tied for last.

At 9:45 AM the next morning, a day after everyone else got to Heathrow, here come Andrew and Dennis. Unsurprisingly, they know that they have to go directly to the Fast Forward. Phil explains that they have to go to a war museum and drive a big tank through an obstacle course. A dramatic shot of a stopwatch emphasizes the fact that they have to do the course in a minute and a half or less. Andrew explains as they drive toward the museum that they have no idea where the other teams are, so they're just hoping the FF will be enough to save them. I'm not sure they realize that they're fully twenty-four hours behind. Sigh.

The first bus arrives in Aberdeen. Phil explains that now, they'll have to hire taxis to a town called Stonehaven, where they'll have to find...well, a big open field, actually. Derek and Drew, Heave, and Ken and Gerard are the first three teams to pile into taxis, it seems. FloZach, Aaron and Arianne, and Michael and Kathy are close behind. Once Aaron and Arianne are in their taxi, they obsess some more about the importance of obsessing over the Twins. And then, almost as if some part of him is straining to provide recap material, Aaron says, "They're cocky." I can do nothing but drop in a dead faint at the thought that he is that lacking in self-awareness. He and Arianne pass the Twins in their cab, and they cackle. Cackling is pretty much always a really flattering behavior to engage in, by the way, and not at all "cocky." FloZach next come up on Derek and Drew, and Zach sort of half-jokingly half-thumbs his nose at them. Derek and Drew (I am paraphrasing): "Yeah, whatever." Flo tells her driver to pass the Twins, who she calls "rats." I'd be really interested to know what rat-like things Derek and Drew -- who seem pretty benign, actually -- had been doing up to this point that motivated this particular brand of hostility. I mean, wanting to beat them is one thing, but this? Seems irrational. I'm sure there's a lot of information we don't have. Maybe they stole something.

Michael and Kathy's driver sucks. Ha! She has no idea where they're going. Just what you look for in a cab driver.

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