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Jill and John Vito arrive at Scudamore's at 9:10 PM, at a brisk jog. They choose the punt. As they float the river, she calls out to him. "Going a little left, babe." He corrects. See? That's really not so hard. Working together, see? Not snipping at each other, see? Not concentrating on who you hate in common, see? ["You'll note also a pointed lack of screeching, blaming, and dismissing of things as 'corny.'" -- Sars] I officially dig them. She spots the clues, and they go over and grab one. They learn that there is a charter bus that leaves at 10:00. It is now 9:50, and they don't even know where they're going. When they get the boat back, she hits the sidewalks in about two seconds, stopping people and asking them where the bus loading spot is. My sense is that JV thinks there's no way they're making the bus, as it gets to be under ten minutes to departure time. But Jill? Jill charges, on the absolute assumption that they can still make it. Just counting the times we actually see her ask someone where it is, in what is of course a heavily edited sequence, she asks eight times. Eventually, at about five minutes to ten (according to the very unreliable onscreen clock), a woman tells her that they're going the right way, but it's "quite far." Uh-oh.

Commercials. Of all the expensive rip-off products that will not at all make you look younger, Oil of Olay is by far the most well-known.

9:56 PM. Twitchy minor-key strings indicate that things look pretty grim for Jill and John Vito and the 10:00 PM bus. She's still going full-out, though, because she's Jill, and that's what Jill does, it would appear. John Vito voice-over: "I was so tired...with that pack on my back, I just wanted to give up, and she was awesome." They run. They run some more. And they make it to the bus, at what the very unreliable onscreen clock claims is 9:59 PM. They high-five. "That was the break that we needed," he says. My favorite thing about that sequence is that for once, it really mattered that they ran the entire time, starting when they got off the train, even when they had no way of knowing that the bunching situation would work out this way. Plus, I just love her, and I love him for being so proud of her, and so comfortable saying that he was the one who was tired, and she was the one who kept them going. ["And if they'd started bitching at each other, we'd have seen it, but they didn't, and we didn't. Class, ladies and gentlemen." -- Sars]

At 10:15 PM, Damon and Andre hit Scudamore's. They take the punt also. Meanwhile, Teri and Ian de-train. They get to Scudamore's, and when Ian finds the clue box before Teri does, he yells, "The box is over here, let's go!" in that clipped voice parents use when their kids are dawdling about going to swimming lessons. They take the punt also. When they're in the boat, he yells at her and basically treats her really rudely. I wish it were more whimsical and fun to recap, but it's kind of not. In any event, Andre and Damon get their clue first, and are followed by Teri and Attila the Husband (tm Kevin).

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