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Heave and FloZach make the 7:30 bus as well. Zach says lifelessly, "I thought we'd never see each other again," and he and Arianne share the most insincere hug of all time. At this, Kenny is caught by his camera guy providing the mother of all eye-rolls. Ha!

6:30 PM. Teri and Ian land. They stomp through the airport. He, Captain Never-Give-Up, suddenly tells her that it's "an exercise in futility." Wow. That never-say-die attitude didn't last very long. Maybe he's referring to something more specific as an exercise in futility. Otherwise, he certainly has lost his way in a hurry. I'm not sure he deserves to wear that hat, because Pepe Le Pew was much more resilient.

At 7:16 PM, everyone at Bus Number One sits around...well, detesting each other, pretty much. The Twins chuckle about the fact that they've been rejoined by everyone who hates them. Ah, yes, The Lament Of The Bunched. It's still true, though, that they gained valuable rest and unwinding time during their long wait for the bus. Which leaves, at long last

On the bus, Arianne says, "Our objective on this leg of the race was to pursue the Twins. And here we are. No more advantage. They've got nothin' except good looks and straight teeth." And, of course, the ability to outrace Aaron and Arianne at basically every opportunity. You know, pardon my bluntness, but can I ask what the hell these people's problem is? In case you don't read the forums, someone claiming to be Aaron told us all that it's based on a whole pro-diversity, buy-the-world-a-Coke belief that he could not abide another team of straight, white men winning the race. But even assuming that's a genuine email, and indulging that rather silly proposition, what would it have to do with the constant bitchy trash-talking? It's just so tiresome and boring, not to mention the fact that they did nothing worthwhile in this leg to earn the right to gloat. The charter bus schedule is the only reason this happened. The Twins started out an hour and a half ahead of them, and got to Heathrow almost four hours ahead of them, and seem to have gotten to the bus about five hours ahead of them. The Twins' lead was expanding, not contracting, until they got bunched by forces outside anyone's control. Moreover, without a big stroke of good fortune that saved them from their own folly, Aaron and Arianne would still be sitting in the Miami airport buying pink flamingo souvenirs. As unattractive as crowing is normally, it's particularly so when you haven't done a damn thing to back it up. Like now. So shut. Up.

Said Twins are outclassing the MeHugeYouTinies by a factor of ten, chatting about how interesting all the alliance talk is. "We hope to God they all stick together," Derek says. "I think that they'll probably all end up looking pretty foolish in the end about that." Heh. Score one for the naked guy. No, the other naked guy.

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