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Flo yells in her cheese-grater voice that she sees the clues. Surprisingly, the clue does not run screaming from her cheese-grater voice. But when they get under the bridge, she and Zach can't reach it from the angle they're at. Zach starts to take off, saying they'll have to grab it from the other side. But Flo, who has gotten herself situated with one foot on each of two boats, screeches at him. "Dude! Help me, please! Help me!" Note that she's just got one foot on each of two boats. She could perfectly well have gotten back on solid ground by herself, which you can tell from the fact that all he does is barely touch her hand, and she immediately hops to better footing. Not to mention the fact that she could perfectly well have not assumed such a foolish position in the first place. He does not mention this. Yeah, I don't really think he's contemplating right now how much he wants to date her. Zach eventually plucks the clue from above, standing on the bridge, using the pole. She applauds, and screams a cheese-grater scream. She apologizes for yelling at him, and they hug, but she isn't done insisting that she's right, which always creates an interesting atmosphere for an apology. "You really left me on a boat, after I crawled out there. You just forget about me. You always just forget about me." Well, that's a compliment, dear, in case you haven't noticed. He's assuming instinctively that you can take care of yourself, and not realizing that you want him to come back and rescue you. Get it?

The 7:30 bus starts to load. Ken and Gerard and the Twins are soon joined by Aaron and Arianne and Michael and Kathy.

At 5:35 PM, Jill and John Vito land in London. They apparently had some trouble getting themselves from Mexico City to London, because they've gotten quite a bit behind. Again, this may suggest that Heather's stay-put, book-the-whole-trip theory is the right one. Note that this gives Jill and John Vito four and one-half hours from hitting the ground at Heathrow until the 10:00 bus. It looked like Aaron and Arianne didn't show up at the 7:30 bus until it was starting to load, which looks like it was at least 5:00 or so -- almost seven hours after they landed at Heathrow. Similarly, the Twins said they had seven hours when they finished the punting, so that would have been about 12:30 -- six hours after they landed at Heathrow. So assuming these times are anywhere near right, Jill and John Vito would have to genuinely haul ass as compared to the other teams in order to get this done in time for the 10:00 bus. In the cab to the train station, Jill and JV talk about the fact that they don't know where the rest of the teams are in relation to them.

At 5:47 PM, Andre and Damon (wow, almost forgot them) land in London. They say they don't like their situation at all.

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