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Tanks for the memories

Aaron and Arianne are still biking, as are Flo and Zach.

Michael and Kathy are still punting. Mr. "I Can Do It Myself" very effectively shoves them into the same wall that troubled the brothers a bit ago. Heave is punting also, and Heather almost -- but not quite -- falls in. She asks Eve to just try to paddle a little and not complain. Heh. I'm not even sure I'd hate Heather if she had a different partner and wouldn't make those dumb-ass Phyllis Schlafly damsel-in-distress remarks.

Gerard and Ken reach the clues. Yay!

Dorks on bikes reach the clue bridge, just as Michael and Kathy float up. Aaron goes down and gets Michael and Kathy to hand him the clue, and then he and Arianne run off without them. Nice.

As Heather continues working her ass off with the pole, Eve continues working her mouth. "I'm in pain, dammit," she whines. She complains about the quality of her seat, if you can believe that, while Heather is standing up the entire time. If I were Heather, I swear I'd throw her in. Once they have the clue, they take off running, but -- no, I'm not kidding -- Eve says she can't run, and says if Heather wants her to run, she'll have to carry some of Eve's stuff. Is she serious? In the cab, Eve whines some more about how maybe if Heather took some of her stuff, she could run faster. "What can you carry from my bag that will help me run?" "Honestly," Heather responds evenly, "I can't carry anything. I'm carrying more of my stuff -- my bag is twice as heavy as yours right now, do you agree?" (That little "do you agree?" moment was the moment when she sounded so like a law school grad -- heh.) Heather goes on to explain that her back also hurts, but she's trying not to complain about it. Eve complains some more. If you got the impression in that scene that you felt a subtle shift from me hating them to me hating Eve, you're a little bit right. Although Heather is still all aboard the Sexist Stereotype Exploitation Train, as far as I know, so as soon as we get back to that, I'm sure I'll hate her again. But not, I suspect, as much as I cannot abide Eve.

Ken and Gerard arrive at the bus loading point and chat up the Twins, who are the only other people there. Gerard interviews that he thinks the Twins have been underestimated -- he calls them "bright and fast," and then he says, "Let's face it -- Twins have a thing going on." Aaaand I'm on the naked pictures again. Thanks a million, Gerard. They talk about how great it would be if not very many teams made the first bus.

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