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"Berlin is the capital city of Germany," Phil newsflashes. He adds, "Much of the city had to be rebuilt after World War II, including Kurf├╝rstendamm." Okay, I'll say it before anyone else does: gesundheit. Phil is standing on Berlin's Fifth Avenue at night as though he never left since the end of the previous leg, saying it's now the start of the tenth leg in a race around the world. We get to see Max & Katie dorkily celebrating the new cars they won at the end of the last leg, and then they rip their clue to start this leg at 2:02 AM. It tells them, "Fly to the city of Edinburgh, Scotland." Cool, someplace I've been to! That hardly ever happens. Phil says they'll fly across the North Sea to Edinburgh (the capital of Scotland), hop into Ford Fiestas like so many American Idol finalists, and drive out to the countryside to find Gosford House and their next clue. Gosford House is not to be confused with Gosford Park, which of course is to Downton Abbey what The American President is to The West Wing. Katie also reads, "Caution, U-Turn ahead," and as they leave the mat she wonders if the airport is even open. Berlin certainly does seem like a sleepy little one-horse town that way. So they decide to go into the business center of the nearest hotel and Katie gets on the Internet as they VO about the importance of the next two legs and how optimistic they are. Which, by the normal rules of race editing, means they're doomed.

Joey & Meghan open their first clue in a distant second, at 2:49 AM. They're pretty motivated not to get U-Turned again, and are hoping to grab an early lead. Well, there's a first time for everything.

Caroline & Jennifer are even further behind, starting out in third place at 3:44 AM. They get in a cab for the airport, where they each joke about how the other one will U-Turn their race boyfriends, Bates & Anthony. Yes, I am sure they're joking.

Joey & Meghan get to the airport and are unable to find any open ticket counters this early in the morning, just as Katie speculated. So I stand corrected. Worse, the overhead schedule boards are saying that the earliest flight into Edinburgh will get them there at 1:00 PM. The country singers make the same two discoveries when they arrive at the Lufthansa counter, which apparently opens at 5:00 AM. Meanwhile, back at the hotel business center, it looks like Katie has successfully used her Internet-fu to find tickets for her and Max on a flight that gets to Edinburgh at 10:40 AM. If true, that's going to make them tough to catch. They print off their passes and get into a taxi to the airport. "Everybody knows you go to a business center to get all the information you can," Max declares complacently in the cab, even though everybody clearly doesn't.

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