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To Surabaya With Love

Gary is leading the kids in a cheer as Will finally finishes the Roadblock and they are on their way in a distant last. Will says making balloon animals was the hardest thing he's ever done in his whole life, which makes me wonder what the second hardest thing was.

Amy & Daniel have arrived at Wijaya Brothers. Too many Wijayas in this town, clearly. Amy realizes it's the wrong place, but they seem to have already cut their cabbie loose, either mistakenly or on the understandable theory that no cabbie is better than their cabbie. Rob is also frustrated in the back of his and Kelley's cab, venting at his driver for his ignorance of Wijaya Motors.

Josh & Brent get to Wijaya Motors and decide on Ice by the Pound. "It's gonna be slippery, but..." Brent says, leaving the thought unfinished, perhaps because it's not suitable for broadcast television. At the ice task, Jayme & James hop into the back of their truck, which heads down the road. Abbie & Ryan are right behind them, Ryan telling her she did awesome while "rewarding" her with a kiss.

The twins are getting close to done, Natalie diving almost all the way into the barrel to reach the fish at the bottom. But at the same time, Trey & Lexi's truck has delivered them and their ice to the marketplace. Natalie thinks they're finished, but Nadiya insists that they need to finish breaking up their ice first. Good thing they don't have 650 pounds of it like in the other Detour option. Trey & Lexi load their ice onto the three-wheeled cart, a pedal vehicle with a big cargo bed in front like some kind of freight rickshaw. They find the drop-off point (spotting Natalie and Nadia at the fish stall on their way) and both teams are soon racing to finish their individual Detours. The twins complete theirs first, Nadiya pausing to hug the fishmonger so hard she picks him clear up off the ground as they get their clue. She was right, they are bad-ass. They open the clue, which is of course sending them to the Pit Stop, which Phil says is somewhere in this crowded maze of a market. It's actually in the street outside, where Phil and his Panama hat remind us that the first team to check in there will win the Express Pass, "And the last team to check in here may be eliminated." The Twins rush off and Trey & Lexi place their last block moments later. So than it's a race through the market, but the twins come out first and spot Phil right away. At which point they scream, jump up and down and drop their backpacks before Nadiya runs up and hugs Phil, fish-stink and all. "Thank you for sharing your smell with me," Phil says as they continue jumping up and down, totally ignoring the greeter standing next to Phil, who has his left hand across his chest so we can get a good look at his eight-inch-long fingernails. Not even kidding about that. Eventually he welcomes them to Surabaya and one of the twins compliments his nails before Nadiya begs, "Phil, you're killing me, Phil, please!" Phil makes them wait for it, good-naturedly telling them they stink like fish before informing them that they are team number one. They jump up and down and hug some more until Phil hands over the Express Pass, which he reminds them can be used to skip any task. Which they're pretty happy about, of course. I'm just happy about the renewed possibility that I might finally get to see someone use that thing properly.

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