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Three teams are still at the Roadblock. Or, as Kelley points out to Rob, "David and Glasses and "The Barbies." Kelley, I already told Abbie and Ryan this: I do the team nicknaming around here. Also, you suck at it. "David and Glasses?" What the fuck? Gary gives Will some water, seeing him in growing distress. Caitlin finishes the task, so the blondes are done in eighth place. Gary's trying to calm Will down and the fact that Rob just finished isn't helping. So that leaves Gary and Will in last place, the only team still at the Roadblock and the subtitle says that Will has completed 0 of 8 balloons. That is not good. And as Will narrates that he was having a meltdown, it certainly looks to be the case.

After the ads, Gary is trying to get Will to calm down and take a breath. Will just pops another balloon, making them both jump. Will narrates after the fact that Gary usually gets mad at him when he can't do something (I hope that doesn't include "something" like reaching the top bookshelf), but the fact that Gary believed in him this time helped him believe he could do it. And we watch as Will manages to produces a balloon dog. "You got it now," Gary says optimistically. Just multiply the time he's already spent by eight.

Amy & Daniel and their cabdriver have stopped for directions, but they end up resuming their drive no wiser. Rob & Kelley's driver also appears lost, to Kelley's great frustration.

Trey & Lexi successfully work together to get their ten blocks loaded on the truck and get on their way, riding in the truck bed with the ice, hopeful of their chances for finding the Express Pass. So far, so good, especially given the fact that the teams apparently don't even have to navigate themselves to the market. At the same time, Natalie & Nadiya are busily taking notes on the fish display they're going to have to reproduce. Then Natalie gets back to chipping ice by hand while Nadiya starts arranging fish in the trays, in between slipping on the wet floor. Natalie warns that her sweaty makeup is going to be on the fish. Yum. But then, people who buy entire fish sitting out on a table aren't in a position to be picky.

James & Abba's driver delivers them to Wijaya Tire, not Wijaya Motor. He runs in and runs back out to drive on, Abba asking him to stop if he doesn't know where he's going. Unfortunately, the taxi drivers in Indonesia seem convinced that driving somewhere is better than driving nowhere. At the same time, the Chippendales and Abbie & Ryan are showing up at the right place and getting their clues in third and fourth pace respectively. Both teams get right to work on the ice task

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