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In the taxi, Amy & Daniel's driver doesn't seem to know where he's going, but Amy's making up for it by loudly and persistently rustling a paper bag. After finishing the Roadblock first, Trey & Lexi are also the first team to find the right place and get their clue, closely followed by the twins. It's the first Detour of the season and Phil's here to explain the options. For the one called "Ice by the Pound," the teams will use baling hooks and brute strength to wrangle ten girders of ice that are about a foot square and five feet long and which, according to Phil, weigh about 65 pounds. They'll have to get them out of the giant icemaker one at a time, schlep them through the factory to a truck which they'll take to a marketplace, and then load the ice onto a smaller cart to deliver it to a vendor, who will give them their next clue. For "Fish by the Barrel," teams have to go to that same market, sort through barrels of fresh fish, ice them and set up a display stall to the satisfaction of a different clue-dispensing vendor. Neither one of these seems remotely unchallenging, I have to say, but in both cases the trickiest part seems like it would be finding the market. Trey & Lexi opt for the ice. "We've got the guns, obviously, to do it," Lexi interviews while Trey grins dopily. The twins, on the other hand, choose the fish option.

Trey & Lexi reach the ice factory and get to watch the big iron machines pull the big blocks of ice and dump them out. It's like a foundry in reverse, somehow. Lexi manages to slide the first block through the pass-through, where Trey scoops it up in his arms, wearing thick rubber elbow-length gauntlets to keep from freezing his arms. "Teamwork makes it dreamwork," Lexi chants, in case you forgot she was a cheerleader.

The twins, with some difficulty and a bit of shouting, find the spot where they're supposed to pick up their barrel of fish. Running a two-by-four through the barrel's handle and hiking it up onto their shoulders, they walk that way to Pasar Ikan Pabean market, drop the barrel off and go back for the second one. "Diva is the opposite of what me and Nadiya are. We're just bad-ass." Nadiya interviews. "The most bad-ass Sri Lankans you will ever meet," Natalie agrees. Indeed, they could probably beat up my son's Montessori teacher. Soon Natalie is hacking away at the ice while Nadiya cheers her on. Shit, now we've seen both of them being supportive, so there goes the method I was planning to use all season to tell them apart. In the meantime, I suspect the MVP for this recap may end up being Nadiya's braid.

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