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Lexi interviews that she's always been a multi-tasker, being a woman and all, as she hands out her third of eight balloons, according to the wacky subtitle on the screen. Amy's also on her third, focusing on the balloons while her feet pedal automatically. By which I mean she's not really thinking about it, not that her prosthetic legs are way more advanced than you thought. Metal-James is the wrong height for this job, as his knee keeps banging a piece of the odong-odong's frame as he pedals. Jaymes is having a great time with his kids, playing to his audience and finishing his second balloon. It's almost like he entertains people for a living or something.

Natalie and Nadiya show up at the bridge and are smart enough to know that the clue isn't referring to a real party. "Because it's Amazing Race and we know the challenge wouldn't be 'down thirty bottles of tequila,' I went with it," says Nadiya, who is helpfully wearing a braid today so I can distinguish her from Natalie, but is perhaps giving the leg designers a little too much credit. Lexi hands out her fifth balloon, Amy her fourth and Nadiya her second. James finally completes his first sculpture, a tiny little balloon-hat that he has to wedge onto a small Indonesian child's head. I mock, but some White Lion superfan is going to bid thirty bucks for that on eBay. And yes, I mock further.

The goat farmers get to the clue in seventh place and Josh takes it. Lexi hands out her sixth balloon while Caitlin decides to take the Roadblock for the blondes. Lexi's enjoying the kids on her ride, which is probably made easier by the fact that they don't speak English. Amy hands out her sixth balloon as she says, "My kids are probably nauseous."

Gary & Will get the Roadblock clue in ninth place, just ahead of Rob & Kelley. Will and Rob both decide for their respective teams that they like to party. Lexi finishes making her last balloon, so Team Austin is finished and in first place. According to the clue they get from a little girl wearing Harry Potter glasses, they'll now have to get to Wijaya Motor Shop to search for their next clue. It looks like a motorcycle dealer, but don't worry... they'll have even less to do with these motorbikes than the ones they encountered this morning. Nadiya's already on her sixth balloon. But Amy finishes next and then Nadiya, putting the twins in third place before Team Metal can get out of there. So much for their lead. "Foiled by the balloons, man," James says in their cab, sounding like the narrator of a Saturday afternoon serial. "We gotta catch up." That's the trouble with us bass players, we're a bunch of hammer-fingers. Otherwise we'd be playing lead. Jaymes is the next to finish, then Abbie & Ryan. While Josh makes up time, Brent tells us from the sidelines, "There are just some things the gays are better at, and balloon animals are one of them." Indeed, Josh is done and they're finished -- still in seventh place, but not as far back. Will is manhandling his balloon, struggling with getting the knot tied. I couldn't do that until my thirties either, when I suddenly had a niece. Kelley and Brittany give their partners some urgent encouragement and Caitlin finishes her third balloon. Gary yells at Will to focus on his task, not the other racers. Which is going to be much easier for Will in a not very long time, if you know what I mean.

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