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To Surabaya With Love

James & Abba get to the Genteng Kali bridge, which is on a busy road overlooking a river with a toy basketball net and red and yellow balloons tied to the rail along with the batch of clues. Hard to miss, even for Rob & Kelley. The question indicating a Roadblock doesn't give much away, asking, "Who likes to party?" And then we cut to Phil in a child-thronged park, explaining, "This Roadblock requires teams to operate a pedal-powered amusement ride called an odong-odong and give four children a ride." Okay, I know that giving kids a ride on your odong-odong sounds like something that can get you arrested in most of the Western Hemisphere. In this case an odong-odong is a lot like a bicycle, but instead of a front wheel it has a miniature carnival ride like the kind you see at the mall, powered by the operator's pedaling instead of quarters nagged from parents. Which sounds almost as easy as riding the back of a motorcycle, right? Well, they also have to make eight different balloon sculptures while pedaling. So, points for randomness, I guess.

Metal-James says, "I love to party," and then we cut to them running along the bridge as Abba reads to him from the clue, "Choose four children..." This is already not what James had in mind, I'll bet. At the nearby park, there seems to be some kind of full-on birthday party going on. James wades in and recruits some kids, offering to make the balloons while he gives them a ride. "I assessed the situation immediately as only a rock star can do," James interviews sardonically afterwards. He starts pedaling and using the handheld balloon pump at the same time, but only one of those is going at all well. On the bright side, only the balloons are exploding in his face so far.

Amy & Daniel get to the bridge clue in second place and she takes the Roadblock. James appears to be making little progress by the time Amy and Daniel shows up, and Amy assures us in VO that even her prosthetic feet she snowboards, jogs, road cycles and mountain bikes, so I guess she'll have no trouble riding an odong-odong. Abbie takes this one for her and Ryan when they get to the clue in third place, as does Jaymes when the Chippendales get there in fourth and Lexi when Team Austin arrives in fifth. Jaymes seems to frighten his batch of kids, but they follow him with some prompting (and manhandling) from a helpful mother. Cue the montage of balloons exploding in the hands of racer after racer.

Back at the bull race, the Amazing Editors have belatedly decided this is actually rather boring to watch after all, as we've skipped the middle of the pack to see Gary and Will finishing up in ninth place. Rob & Kelley are the last to finish, just like he wanted, and they get in their cab.

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