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To Surabaya With Love

By the time the Monster Truckers' plane lands in Surabaya, it's already getting light in the east. Kelley seems politely concerned about how they haven't seen anyone, and although it looked like morning was imminent when they landed, they get all the way to Alun Alun while it's still dark and find the last number still hanging on the gate. "Currently in Last Place" reads the official and totally unnecessary subtitle as Rob takes it off the door. There are no other teams hanging around outside any more, but apparently they find some of them inside a parked trailer or train car or something where at least a few of them appear to be spending the night. Looks air-conditioned, too, so I call bullshit. Rob claims to be glad they're in last and thus under the radar. That's some world-class "I meant to do that" right there. Also, if you're trying to keep a low profile, maybe let some of the green grow out of your Mohawk.

The morning comes and someone lifts the gate aside at 8 AM. Yeah, most state-of-the-art sports facilities tend to have doors with hinges. The teams head inside en masse, where they're greeted by a smiling local who says, "Welcome to bull race." In addition to her, there are several bulls, more locals and the ever-present band playing indigenous music at top volume. Sometimes this show makes me wonder how people in other parts of the world can hear themselves think, with all the damn folk tunes blasting away nonstop. Trey & Lexi talk about the Express Pass, Amy & Daniel say they're not going to repeat their mistake of the prior leg (as if that's the only mistake it's possible to make), and James says that aside from having a whip and seeing some bulls, they're not sure what's next. Fortunately, here's Phil, at a different time, hollering from the cheering sidelines that the teams will "witness the Karapan Sapi, the traditional Maduran sport of bull-racing." Which looks very tricky, as we see a local balancing on a rickety wooden sled being dragged along at high speed between two yoked bulls. Wow the racers are really going to have their work cut out for them on this one. But wait, "witness?" I can "witness" it from my couch, as I am about to prove. Phil elaborates that the racers will ride on motorcycles to race the bulls. But what about racers who don't know how to drive a motorcycle? Not to worry; they don't have to drive it because they don't get to. They're not going to be Amazing Racers for this "task" but Amazing Passengers, sitting behind professional drivers. The presence of all those bulls at least explains this bullshit task, though. All the racers are seen in motorcycle helmets waiting their turn. "We have been dieting, so hopefully it won't take much horsepower to beat that bull," Brent says hopefully. James & Abba each wait on the backs of their respective motorcycles while the bull they'll be "racing" against is held back until the start of the race. From the start, the bulls totally smoke the motor scooters. And then James & Abba get their clue anyway, sending them to Genteng Kali Bridge (a much smaller one than the Suramadu) to find their next clue. So the point of all this is what? It looks fun sure, but it's not like anybody's going to pass anybody else in the absence of a gruesome accident. Amy & Daniel take their rides and get their clue in second place. Before going in third, Abbie lies, "This is so cool," and then she and Ryan are off in third place. Then Jaymes & James take their ride and get going. This is seriously it?

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