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To Surabaya With Love

The other nine teams board the second flight, some worried that the Monster Truckers may have outsmarted them, which is not something they need to be worried about. Phil reiterates Rob & Kelley's four hour layover in Hong Kong, while the other teams are all flying further on down to Jakarta to change planes. As a result, the Amazing Red Line is far outstripping the Amazing Green Line. That plane lands in Jakarta and James & Abba hurry through the terminal to try to catch a 4:25 connection to Surabaya, rather than the 5:35 flight that they and the other teams are already booked on. Most of the other teams attempt the same thing by getting on standby, but James and Abba are the only ones to get through, even though Jaymes hopes that the team he's dubbed "Long Hair Don't Care" isn't that fortunate. But everyone else sees them head on through and Chippendale-James rechristens them "Long Hair Do Care." James & Abba take off on what the subtitles unnecessarily tell us is the "1st Flight to Surabaya." Which sounds like the title of a song, though not a song James ever would have played on.

Meanwhile, Rob & Kelley are waiting out their layover in Hong Kong, unaware of whether they're behind or ahead of anyone else. Rob's just happy they're running their own race, which is why we're not seeing any other backpacks around. Of course, Rob & Kelley are traveling with rolling suitcases, which I suppose underscores his point without making it the slightest bit more valid.

The sun sets over Asia, and James & Abba land in Surabaya and hire a cab, hoping to hold onto their lead. The other eight non-Monster Truck teams land however later and run to cabs with varying degrees of alacrity. "We're all going the same place," Gary says lazily. Yes, that's what "race" means, Gary. I assume he's not a substitute gym teacher. Aside from the fact that they all share the same destination, it's more to the point that when they get there they're likely to have to wait until it opens in the morning anyway. Everyone gets cabs, and we learn that the twins are feeling some affection for Trey & Lexi, who they describe as "cute" and "so far away from home." Unlike these two, whose home is a mere hop, skip and jump most of the length of Indonesia and across the Bay of Bengal from here.

James & Abba get to the "stadium" and in the illumination from the street lamps and the one on Abba's head, they read the sign on the door telling them to take a number and that the "bull races" start at eight in the morning. Well, that does sound promising, but promises are made to be broken. They claim the whip marked "1" from its hook on the wooden gate. A clutch of teams arrives in the area after a while and start wandering around in search of the clue. Amy & Daniel are the next to find it though, claiming number two while Abbie & Ryan get number three. Those two teams high-five each other, so apparently they're all good buddies now. Jaymes & James claim number four and suddenly there's a feeding frenzy for the numbers when the next batch of teams shows up. Team Austin gets five and the twins six and cement their alliance while they're at it, high-fiving and agreeing to help one another. Goat famers Josh & Brent get number seven, and Caitlin and Brittany are in eighth. Finally, Gary & Will get number nine, which is when everybody realizes that Rob & Kelley haven't made it yet. Poor number ten is still hanging on the gate all, "Nobody loves me." But don't worry, number ten, someone is on the way. Rob & Kelley ride in their nearly empty 747, Rob saying he thinks they're in the lead now. I'd laugh in their faces, but as long as they get to the stadium by 7:59 in the morning, it doesn't much matter.

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