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To Surabaya With Love

The blondes, Caitlin & Brittany, open their clue at 5:42 AM and learn about the Express Pass. One of them snort-laughs again as they almost get hit by a car running across the street to a random guy at the corner, where they tell him they need to go to Indonesia. What do they think he's going to do, give them walking directions?

The twins, Natalie & Nadiya, start in fourth place at 6:05 AM. They interview about their crazy background, which included their parents being on opposite sides of the Sri Lankan civil war and how growing up there means that they're not put off by things that might bother other teams, like beggars. "These are, like, our homeboys," one of them says. Although I do enjoy their accents, which remind me of my son's Sri Lankan Montessori teacher, I won't go so far as to say that their accents make their remarks funnier, because that way lies Outsourced.

Rob & Kelley a.k.a. Team Monster Truck, leave at 6:08 AM. Rob explains how he and Kelley met on the monster truck circuit. Rob's best friend -- Kelley's husband -- was killed in an accident, and he was there for her and they ended up falling in love. Somehow it's a lot less suspicious the way they tell it.

Abbie & Ryan, Amy & Daniel, Caitlin & Brittany and Rob & Kelley arrive at Shanghai's Pudong International Airport, Not sure what happened to the twins. Oh, there one of them is, in the background at one of the ticket counters while the teams are investigating flights. Rob & Kelley learn about an 8:20 AM departure that routes through Hong Kong and book that on the spot. The other lead teams get themselves on a Garuda Airlines flight leaving at 10:05, while Rob & Kelley skulk off so nobody catches on to the head start they're arranging for themselves. James & Abba ("Rock Star/Lawyer," per their team subtitle) get to the airport without benefit of a departure time, as do the substitute teachers, Gary & Will. At which point the latter team learns that the Hong Kong flight that the Monster Truckers are so pleased about actually has a four-hour layover and so will arrive in Surabaya later. Indeed, an earlier departure doesn't always translate to an earlier arrival as several other teams will learn tomorrow... the hard way. Trey& Lexi, Josh & Brent, and Jaymes & James all get on the same flight as well, and Team Chippendale is pretty happy about having "closed the gap" as anyone would be after avoiding first-leg elimination by less than twenty seconds. Meanwhile, Rob & Kelley open up a new gap of their own, running to their gate after Kelley, seeing that they're the only ones taking this route, says this is either a really good move or a really bad one. What she doesn't seem to realize is that people who say that are rarely making a good move.

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