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Amy and Daniel continue loading ice, while Gary and Will drop theirs off. The teachers get a big cheer from the locals and Gary walks through the market, saying, "Take the smell in, Will, we'll never be here again." Which is probably not any less true of the many, many teams ahead of them, so I don't know why he's bitching. Amy & Daniel unload as Gary goes on, "It sucks because for so long I wanted to do this. This is the opportunity of a lifetime." "Because I couldn't make a balloon our dreams are shattered," Will agrees. Amy & Daniel finish unloading as Gary declares, "I'm not runnin'." Yeah, finishing strong is for suckers. They wander aimlessly through the stalls while Amy leads Daniel at a run (at least according to the editing; the teams could actually be hours apart for all we know). Finally the teachers trudge dejectedly to the mat and Phil tells them they're still in the race, as team number nine. Their mood improves in a fast hurry after that. "We're going all the way now!" Will says, capering around the mat. Happiest ninth-place team ever.

Finally, Amy and Daniel get to the mat. The teachers are long gone, so I think we can assume that this wasn't as close a finish as we were led to believe. Amy compliments the greeter's nails and Phil tells them they're the last team to arrive. "You have been eliminated from the race," he says, not messing around. Amy cries and hugs an equally disappointed Daniel, who tells Phil that "We did everything we could and Amy's just an incredible woman and I'm just so proud of her." Amy says it's "Heartbreaking because it's been so awesome." She reiterates that in an interview, and they say on the mat that they love each other. They still seem to think they could have won it. "The stars just didn't align today with us," Amy says. Yeah, that's gotta hurt. They lost a million dollars last week and a second million this week. Good thing Amy's used to bad luck.

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