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To Surabaya With Love

James & Abba are unloading their ice, while Caitlin & Brittany gingerly wheel theirs through the market like they're transporting 650 pounds of Faberge eggs. Team Metal gets their Pit Stop clue in sixth.

Gary & Will are the next team to find Wijaya Motors, only seconds ahead of Rob & Kelley. Both teams are relieved to learn their still in the race. Sucks to be Amy & Daniel though, the only team who has yet to find it after leaving the Roadblock in second place. Both teams decide to do ice.

Brittany and Caitlin, carting their ice at such low speed it barely merits the term, are temporarily but deeply stymied by a crack in the cobblestone street. It takes them so long to negotiate the wheel over this little dip that they draw a crowd of amused spectators. The upside is that when they finally manage to get it over, the crowd cheers. And then they all ask each other, "Are there not wheels in America?"

At the ice factory, Gary and Will's height difference comes into play again as the block of ice Gary's hauling at chest level thumps Will on the head. Rob & Kelley have their last block and get it on the truck. Will isn't much use carrying the blocks, having to follow along, then struggle to jump into the truck bed. "David and Goliath behind us," Rob cracks. Indeed, both substitute teachers are standing in the front of the truck bed, with Gary looking like a radio aerial and Will barely able to peer over the rim. As their truck gets underway, Gary thinks they're screwed and Will says he feels bad after taking so long with the balloons. "I'm an idiot," he says, banging his head against the boards of the truck. Jeez, this seems a little dysfunctional.

Amy and Daniel finally make it to Wijaya Motors in last place. "Oh my gosh, I want to cry right now," Amy says as she exhaustedly opens the clue. They're doing ice, not that it matters.

The blondes still have a crowd of loudly appreciative admirers as they finish unloading their ice and rush for the Pit Stop in seventh place. Amy and Daniel aren't even bothering to keep their five-foot-long girders of ice intact, which helps Amy to carry some smaller ones. They get the ice on board the truck and start the ride, Amy confident that they're in last place. Phil checks in Caitlin and Brittany as one of the happiest seventh-place teams ever. Rob & Kelley are finishing loading their ice onto their cart as Gary & Will's truck pulls up, and then soon finds the drop-off point. After starting the leg so optimistically, Amy is reduced to hoping someone else is having as much trouble as they are. Right on cue, Will is stressing to Gary that they're about to lose some ice from their cart. Gary blows him off, but then the cart tips forward and dumps the whole load on the ground. "Dammit, it was alright before, though!" Gary yells. "It can't go anywhere this way, there's a wall!" Gary seems to have a limited amount of patience for Will and it's all used up for the day. Meanwhile, Rob & Kelley get their Pit Stop clue in ninth place. "Warning, the last team to check in may be eliminated," Kelley reads. Amy & Daniel start unloading their truck. Gary & Will seem to have reloaded their cart and are back underway with it. "There's Phil, go! Right here!" Rob screams as Kelley as they emerge from the market. They roll their suitcases onto the mat and are suddenly all smiles as Phil tells them they're team number eight. They're happy just to be in it still and to not have to track down an Indonesian cab driver to send a bill to for a million dollars.

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