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To Surabaya With Love

Here come Trey and Lexi, while the twins are still on the mat. Trey lifts Lexi high in the air and they hug the twins and Phil tells them they're team number two. Both teams are pretty happy about that. "Selamat tinggal, (goodbye)," the greeter tells them abruptly. Well, I guess it's not a welcome mat, after all.

James and Abba get to Wajiya Motors in sixth place and decide to do ice. Then Caitlin and Brittany arrive in seventh and also decide on ice. The Chippendales arrive at the market and find the ice-carts just before Abbie and Ryan pull up, so it's looking like a heated race for third place. After a quick cut to Gary & Will still in a cab, worried, both Jaymes & James and Abbie & Ryan have their carts loaded and are pushing them through the alleys. The Chippendales almost lose one, but Jaymes manages to break its fall. Ryan tells Abbie two of theirs are already broken, but it's not yet clear whether they'll have to go back for intact ones or glue these back together or what. The Chippendales unload their ice and have their Pit Stop clue in third place. And then Abbie and Ryan spill all the ice off their cart into the ground going into the building. Fortunately for them, they're still allowed to bring in the fragments. Just as cold that way, I guess. The Chippendales run out of the market and straight up to the mat, bravely high-fiving Fingernail Guy and celebrating being team number three. Cut to Ryan guessing that he and Abbie are sixth, so they're pretty happy to be in fourth place instead. Brent and Josh finish in fifth place with almost no transition whatsoever.

Meanwhile, in the back half of the pack, two teams' drivers are still lost: Amy & Daniel and the Monster Truckers. Both cabs are stopped for directions, but the former team seems to be handling it more calmly, Amy asking someone if they can call information. "There's no information in Indonesia," a local laughs at her. Rob yells, "We're in a race. This guy don't know nothin'!" Well, how could he? There's no information in Indonesia! Nothing but theory, conjecture, lore, and, speculation! I wonder if they all have different phone numbers, though.

We come back to a still-flummoxed Amy & Daniel, who are afoot and have no idea what to do. And Rob & Kelley's driver comes back from wherever he went to get directions, saying they have to turn around. Rob bitches that he told him that before. "You cost us a lot of money, bro." Like A) it's the driver's fault they went to Hong Kong for four hours, and B) they were going to win anyway. Will apologizes to Gary in their cab. Amy & Daniel get directions from a local, who says it's too far to walk. Luckily they spot a cab right away and hop in. Which is phrase I would use for any team, so don't get offended.

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