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To Surabaya With Love
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Welcome back to Shanghai, which I still maintain has the dirtiest-looking clean skyline on earth. A familiar voice adds that it's also the "largest and fastest-growing city in the world... home to more than eighteen million people. And with its spectacular city views, the Bund Observatory." And with his sentence fragments, Phil Keoghan. Here at the first Pit Stop -- and the start of the second leg in a race around the world -- we get to relive Abbie and Ryan's arrival at the rooftop mat last week, which put them in the running for a two-million dollar prize, provided they also win the final leg. If anyone else wins the race, of course, that team gets only a paltry million. Phil tells us that Abbie and Ryan are also the first to begin this second leg, at 5:35 AM. Despite the early hour, it's full daylight, if a bit hazier than the day of the previous leg. Abbie nervously pronounces their next destination from the clue, "Surabaya, Indonesia," and doesn't do too badly. Phil narrates that that's across the South China Sea and that Surabaya is known as the "City of Heroes." Not for long. Phil goes on to say that after they land, they'll travel over the Suramadu Bridge (a beautiful suspension job that, in a helicopter shot, appears to span the entire Indian Ocean) and get to the Alun Alun Stadium, which, let's just say, is not a large, modern arena like we saw last week in Shanghai. It's more like the kind of sports facility where you may have watched a kid's soccer game. Outside is their next clue and a sign inviting them to take a number, which are marked on brightly painted riding crops. Between paddles last week and riding crops this week, I'm starting to wonder if this show needs to be on later. Abbie reads on that the winner of this leg will receive the Express Pass. I'm surprised that's still in there, having foolishly assumed that the new Double Your Money twist took its place. But unlike that one, there's no way the Express Pass costs the network any additional prize money, so I guess why not? Abbie and Ryan get in a cab and dub themselves "Team Number One." Hey, I do the team-nicknaming around here.

A minute later, at 5:36, Amy and Daniel leave the Pit Stop in second place. Amy interviews that they're bummed about not winning the previous leg, "because we had it." And then they gave it to Abbie and Ryan, as we see in a black & white flashback. Amy says that she's a strong person, but she does have prosthetic legs. However, she says that her past trials, like learning to walk and snowboard again, give her a drive that's a huge advantage in the race. As long as she quits helping other teams, sure.

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