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Why Did You Have To Take Your Pants Off?!, Part II

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Shut up and Singapore

Elsewhere, there's the resilient Asshat, getting a cab to the train station to catch the train to Singapore. Back at the Quick Foto, JVJ finish with the picture and get a cab. They're followed by FloZach. Asshat is allegedly dropped off at the train station by their cabbie, but they quickly realize that they've been brought to the wrong place and have to leave again.

Back at The Corporate Sponsorship Kiosk, Derek and Drew print their picture. Derek reads the clue out loud as they walk out, which leads Drew to give him one of his previously-issued "shut up"s right back, because Derek's loud mouth just gave Ken and Gerard the early heads-up on the clue. Inside, the Bald Snark prints the picture, and then they take off as well.

First to arrive at the Kuala Lumpur Central Train Station is Asshat. Ian says as they walk in that he doesn't know if they're the first to get there, but he's hoping they are. Meanwhile, in the FloZach cab, Flo just cannot get over how amazing it is that Teri and Ian got to Kuala Lumpur before they did. Inconceivable! Meanwhile at the train station, there's that crazy Asshat, picking up their tickets. Inconceivable! Their train is to leave at 11:15, and Ian knows enough to worry about the bunching. Will the other teams catch them?

JVJ is sure trying. They hop out of their cab outside the station and run in. Before you know it, there are FloZach and the Bald Snark, and there are the twins. An unhappy Ian observes these arrivals with dismay. He runs into Flo (boy, there's a truckload of obnoxious all on the screen at the same time), who fills him in that, indeed, all the teams are there. Ian takes the news back to Teri, who is no happier than Ian is. "The race is on," Flo says cheerfully, with that never-say-die attitude for which she is known. Back in The Asshat Pouting Corner, Ian says, "So much for being lucky." Aww. Poor Ian. In an interview, Zach says that he was shocked to see Asshat at the train station, but he was at least happy that they weren't out in front. Flo reports to Jill about Ian's inquiry about whether the teams are there, giving it a snotty spin that sounds completely different from the reasonably polite way in which Ian asked the question. Sometimes, I think she just forgets there are cameras there. Everyone buys train tickets, and everyone is on the 11:15 to Singapore. Zach takes note of, and takes comfort in, the bunching.

Train to Singapore. Gerard says through a mouthful of lunch that he and Ken are "going to kick some butt on this leg," and they're "not being eliminated this round." This, of course, forces me to stand up, turn around in a circle, and spit to try to break the whammy that Gerard just placed on his team. Foolish Gerard. Fate-tempter. First he names his team, then he gets the monogrammed there no end to the foolishness? Drew, meanwhile, says that their strategy is to stick with the pack and then "beat everyone in a sprint to the finish."

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