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Why Did You Have To Take Your Pants Off?!, Part II

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Shut up and Singapore

Commercials. You know, it's just like the Postal Service tells you. Nothing says Christmas like Styrofoam peanuts. You can pretend they're snow, plus reindeer choke on them. Whoopee!

Asshat is still confused at the train station. Nearby, they find a couple of kids who point when Ian asks them where the "photomat" is. I don't think they call it a photomat anymore, Ian. Anyway, the kids point, but when Ian gets to where they pointed, it's a sort of a portrait-painting stand. Teri and Ian bicker over what it is that they're looking for, and Teri says it's a "Quick Foto" place. They do manage to find it, and they go inside to print the pictures. Did you know that after you take pictures with your Kodak Easy-Share Camera, you can take the camera's memory card directly to a convenient Kodak PictureMaker kiosk in your local pharmacy or big-box retailer and create crisp, high-quality prints in several sizes and formats? You can enlarge, crop, remove red-eye, and even add whimsical borders and lettering! Okay, I have no idea if you can do most of those things, but I'm perfectly willing to do my share to give Kodak the most for their product-placement dollar. At any rate, Teri and Ian take out the memory card and put it into the machine. As they work on this, Teri voices over, "I'm the brains, he's the brawn." I suppose so, under a certain theory of relative merit. They print the picture, and when they do, the print that emerges from the machine has the clue on the back. It tells them to go to Singapore and "find Margaret Thatcher" in the National Orchid Gardens.

Phil shows us Singapore, and explains that teams will be taking a train there, at which point they'll have to find the orchid gardens and find a particular flower called Margaret Thatcher. Though it would have been fun if they had been sent to look for the actual Margaret Thatcher. She would have everyone arrested and thrown in jail, and then she would throw a party with champagne and lobster. But as it turns out, this particular Margaret Thatcher is a flower, which is not completely obvious from reading the clue. Yay, a clue in the form of a clue! A clue that says something more than, "Go here, dummy"! That's twice in one episode! You would almost think the dumbing-down was on the decline. At any rate, Ian and Teri take off in the direction of Singapore.

Next to arrive at the Quick Foto are Jill and John Vito. FloZach and Derek and Drew quickly follow. As they wait for the photo to print, Jill and John Vito ask the guys working behind the counter whether another team was already there, and whether it was an older couple. In short, they confirm that Asshat has been and gone already. Oops, Flo. Zach doesn't understand how that's possible, which I think isn't so much because he thinks Teri and Ian are terrible racers as it is because he genuinely believes that he and Flo got out of the airport in Geneva as quickly as was at all possible, because he missed the extra-early flight that Teri and Ian managed to snag. In other words, for Zach (as opposed to for Flo), I'm not sure this is because he believes Teri and Ian couldn't be ahead of them generally; he just doesn't understand how they could be ahead of them in this particular situation.

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