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Why Did You Have To Take Your Pants Off?!, Part II

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Shut up and Singapore

At 2:30 AM, John Vito and Jill pull up to the airport, noting the absence of any other cars. They're still trying to figure out what country the flag is from, and their cab driver hasn't figured it out since they got into the cab. They walk up to the airport, which looks quite thoroughly closed. Elsewhere, Derek and Drew find a chick (what a surprise) who stops gawking at their good looks and straight teeth long enough to fill them in that the flag is from Malaysia. Back at the airport, JVJ gets directions to walk to a hotel where they might be able to get more information about that elusive flag.

2:35 AM. Asshat. As has been the case for a few legs now, Ian is eschewing the Hat. Perhaps someone gave him a mirror, and that was the first time he realized it wasn't a smart fedora. Teri reads the clue out loud, but when they're walking away, he appears to say that they need to go to "the chateau" instead of "the Jet D'Eau." Oops. Then we hear Ian explain in a voice-over that neither he nor Teri is a pushover, which is code, I guess, for "we're both sort of jerks, so don't feel sorry for either of us." Which I believe. He describes their mutual snotting as "motivating." Well, as my father would say, okey-dokey, Okefenokee. Whatever you say.

2:41 AM. FloZach. Gee, Flo, I'm thinking six minutes is probably longer than the pants took, huh? You'd almost think the pants weren't the cause of the last leg's delay. Anyway, they read the clue. Flo helpfully explains that "Jet D'Eau" means "jet of water." In an interview, they explain that they're really not enjoying the feeling of being in last place at all. Make a note of it. If we keep writing down dislikes, at some point, we're going to stumble across something that makes Flo happy, if only by process of elimination.

Asshat gets a cab to Geneva. FloZach gets a lead from a random hotel guy, so they're off to Geneva as well. Flo asks the hotel guy to call a cab for them, but then as they're waiting, Zach gets twitchy about the prospect of paying for a taxi all the way to Geneva (which Phil previously pegged at better than fifty miles). Flo asks what else he would suggest, and Zach says that a train might be a possibility. This leads to a Flo voice-over about how annoying it is that Zach is so worried about money. "He's being so cheap," she practically spits. She has clearly decided to live leg-to-leg, and opted against accumulating money, despite clear evidence from previous races that money could be important. If you saw the racers trying to coax people out of their cabs in last season's finale, you know that they were trying to bribe people with paltry sums like fifty bucks, and you also know that had they been waving five hundred instead, they'd have had the cab -- and therefore, the race. Money is going to be huge one of these times, mark my words -- maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday. (There's my Casablanca joke! Only a few weeks late!) Despite Zach's misgivings, they do wind up taking the cab. Oh, look. She got her way. Sigh.

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