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Why Did You Have To Take Your Pants Off?!, Part II

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Shut up and Singapore

In the Bald Snark cab, Gerard says that considering that he and Kenny led FloZach to the apartments and then Zach chose not to share the map, he doesn't mind if they lose them.

Here are John Vito and Jill, at the apartment complex at last. They find the guy, grab the clue, and leave for the fountain.

FloZach continues following the Bald Snark. Gerard pipes up from the back seat again that he really wouldn't mind losing Flo and Zach. Kenny says evenly that he's not "playing dirty" and trying to lose them after he said he wouldn't. Gerard presses the point, voicing over that it's "win at all costs," but Kenny is driving, and he won't discuss it.

JVJ have a map that shows the fountain, so they're hoping they have an easier time than other teams finding what they're looking for. Asshat, meanwhile, isn't having a particularly easy navigation experience. Teri suggests that Ian could pull over so they could look at the map together, but he says that won't do any good -- if she can't figure it out, he won't do any better. Derek and Drew, on the other hand, are right at the fountain. It's very big and very wet, and the clue is in the middle of it, so you have to run through the water to reach it. We've had some discussion in the forums this week about whether this was actually given to the teams as a Roadblock, considering that otherwise the leg doesn't have one. As a matter of fact, one rumor went by that the Roadblock was to run around the fountain, get the clue, and run out. I have to say that if that was a Roadblock, it's a good thing that cooler heads prevailed and they didn't try to show it as one, because that would seriously be the worst Roadblock I have ever heard of. Run around the fountain? That doesn't block the road! That wouldn't block an aisle at the grocery store. If somebody built that as a Roadblock, they should take a long nap before their next foray into course planning. Have I mentioned that this leg is not well designed, nor was the last one? Yeah, I thought so. Anyway, the clue directs them to the pit stop, which is at the top of Mount Faber. Phil has little to say about Mount Faber, except to call it a "peak overlooking Singapore." Again, not a particularly exciting pit stop, considering what I suspect Singapore has to offer.

Derek and Drew stop for directions, and do a pretty good job of sussing it out with the guys they're talking to. Between their map and their friendly locals, they're on their way pretty quickly. Ken and Gerard and FloZach approach the fountain next. If it is indeed a reformed Roadblock, the fountain run is taken by Zach and Kenny. When it's over, both teams pile into their cars and head for Mount Faber.

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