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Shut up and Singapore

Pop quiz, hotshot: Whom would Flo blame if she and Zach got separated from Ken and Gerard and got lost while Zach was driving without the map that she just gave back? I'll let you think about that one for a while.

Back at the FloZach car, she clambers in. "We just followed them here..." she starts to yell. "Flo, Flo, Flo, Flo," he breaks in. "Why are you screaming at me?" Thank God. She continues yelling. "Because --" He cuts her off again. "Why are you yelling at me like I'm some kind of a [bleep]?" I don't actually know what the [bleep] is. "Asshole"? I think it was "asshole." "Because you are," she says. "Okay," he says with resignation, "well, then --" "Why don't you consult me before you make a decision that makes or breaks the game?" she breaks in to demand. He tries to talk her down a rung. "How do you know it makes or breaks the game?" he asks. "Because --" She stops in frustration and shrieks a little shriek of frustration. This is easier, I suppose, than just admitting that she completely overreacted.

Commercials. I didn't see them, actually. I had my hands over my ears, enjoying the respite from Flo. Ahhh.

As a still-damp Derek and Drew (oh, shut up) leave the zoo, they ask for directions to the fountain. They find exactly the right friendly local guy, and he sends them on their way with what appear to be good directions. Phil explains that the teams are on their way to the fountain, where the next clue will be found. Asshat leaves the zoo as well, with Ian yelling "Urgent! Urgent!" the entire time. I'm so happy he's going around the world improving the reputation of the American tourist.

The Bald Snark, followed by FloZach, is heading for the fountain. In the FloZach car, Flo continues to harangue Zach. "Kenny and Gerard just led us all the way here, and they offer to lead us again, and you don't want to give them the map? I don't understand!" You know, considering that she's already gotten her way, I have to wonder why the hell they have to argue about this anymore. "You know what?" he says finally. "I won't yell at you for not finding the damn thing on the map." Yeah, I was wondering when her utter failure to contribute might come up. Zach voices over: "Flo yells at me so much and calls me names...I just want to stop talking to her, stop interacting with her, and say 'the hell with you.'" Aww. In the car, he tries to explain to Flo that she could try a different approach. "It doesn't have to be 'you idiot, what the hell are you thinking, why did you do this?' Why don't you just say, 'Zach, I think we should give it to them.' And then we give it to them! And it's over!" She comes back: "Because they were about to get in their car." Which has nothing to do with anything, of course, because she could just as easily have said to Kenny, "Oh, no, wait a minute," and then gone over to Zach, even calling out to him, "Hey, can we talk about the map thing?" There's just not anything about the urgency that made her tone necessary, and no amount of dancing will change it.

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