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Derek and Drew finish the swim first, and they read the clue while dripping wet. Eh, do your worst, people, you won't lay a hand on me. I've been pretty-boyed from here to Alaska to New Zealand and back and you're not touching me now. At any rate, they read the fountain clue. Meanwhile, Asshat swims with the manatees. (Which is different, of course, from "sleeps with the fishes.") We see some twins-getting-dressed footage, and then Ian is demanding that Teri read the clue. Does he not read? I think he must need powerful reading glasses or something, because he goes to great lengths not to read clues. She reads it while he tries to work the zipper on his wetsuit. I have nightmares aplenty in store for me after this episode.

Gerard and Zach, with a map spread out on the hood of one of the cars, continue looking for the fountain. Flo explains in an interview that the map she and Zach had was better than the map Ken and Gerard had, but that Ken and Gerard are good with maps and she and Zach suck with them. Gerard basically offers a deal in which he and Ken will take the good map and take the lead, and see if they can get both teams to the fountain. Zach, quite understandably, is concerned that if they do that and they get separated, then he and Flo will have no map and no one leading them, so he balks. Gerard says that's fine, and he goes to leave. Kenny, however, stirs up a little trouble by saying to Flo, "We're going to lose you." "Why?" she asks. "Because Zach won't give us your map," he says impishly. "Why not?" she asks angrily. Kenny shrugs. Ooh, bad Kenny, starting trouble. Flo stomps off to confront Zach.

She screams at Zach, "Why won't you give them the map? They just let us follow them here!" Zach interviews that he thought it was important that they hang on to the map, in case they got separated and were left in the lurch. While it's true that he may not have reached the right conclusion there, what he's saying is certainly not ridiculous. She walks right over to him and grabs the map right out of his hands, walks over to Kenny, and gives it to him. So much for "consulting" between team members, eh, Flo? Kenny reassures Zach that he and Gerard will not try to lose FloZach, but Zach asks what they're supposed to do if they get separated. Flo screeches that that won't happen. Kenny suggests that he and Gerard give Zach their (not as good) map as a backup in case they do get separated, but Flo shrieks, "No! I want to work with you!" Now she's just being stupid. She and Zach should obviously take the other map, so this is just irrational. "Don't yell at him, Flo!" Kenny says, rather impishly again, as Flo stomps off, having handed over the map to Kenny. (That was my favorite Kenny moment. "Don't yell at him, Flo!" Hee hee.) He promises again that they won't get separated. "Ken, get in the car," Gerard barks. "What is wrong with you, seriously?" Flo barks at Zach as she gets back to the FloZach car.

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