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Why Did You Have To Take Your Pants Off?!, Part II

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Shut up and Singapore

The twins are first to arrive at the manatee enclosure. They read the instructions to put on a wetsuit and goggles. Asshat is close behind. And now, in one of the strangest sequences in the history of this show, it's time to discuss underwear. Ian says that when they were preparing for the show, they decided that cotton underwear was impractical because it took a long time to dry. So Teri hopped on that crazy, wacky, wild internet and located what is pretty much the internet's reason for existing -- mail-order paper underpants. They take about as much pride in the paper underpants as other people would take in, let's say, winning a Nobel Prize. (Snowmobile Boy would like you to know that nylon dries quickly and is probably more comfortable than paper.) We see Asshat stripping down to the paper underpants as Derek and Drew strip down to their blue undies. Which match. Which is almost as weird as the paper. I mean, I can understand "What shirts should we wear today?" or "What jackets do we need this morning?" but I really don't want to know that they woke up like, "Are you wearing the blue briefs?" Anyway, Ian praises Teri's immodesty in stripping to her disposable skivvies right there at the zoo. I'm sorry, what just happened in that scene? Was that an entire scene about underwear, or did I dream that?

FloZach and the Bald Snark find the apartment at last. Singapore's number one television star does some shtick for them. They're all like, "Yeah, thanks. Clue?" He hands it to them and they leave. Is that it? Knock on the door, and the Jerry Lewis of Singapore hands you the clue? Man, have I mentioned that the Singapore leg is completely lame? At any rate, the clue tells them to go to the Fountain of Wealth. Phil voices over that this is a fountain in downtown Singapore that "locals believe" (hmm) to be lucky. The two teams go out to their cars and collaborate on looking at a map.

Back at the zoo, Derek and Drew scurry up a ladder and into the manatee tank. Swim, swim, swim. Teri is still not through getting changed. I think her underpants might be having problems with the friction of the wetsuit. (Look, they brought up the underwear.) (So to speak.) Ian is bugging her about being slow, as usual, and she says, "Eye-an, you want to help? Instead of 'come on'-ing?" Hey, Teri and I think alike for once. He bothers her to start walking, despite the fact that she's only half-dressed. We see the twins swimming some more, and then we see Ian in the water, protesting that he's lost his goggles. He first demands Teri's, but then she spots his, so they don't have to come to blows over it.

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