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Why Did You Have To Take Your Pants Off?!, Part II

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You will not be shocked to hear that Derek and Drew, meanwhile, are arguing over the navigation. Teri and Ian are doing the same. He wants her to tell him for sure what to do, and all she can say is "I guess so." He tells her how much he hates it when she says "I guess so," and she points out that if she doesn't in fact know, she can't very well tell him she does. Furthermore, I'll add that if she didn't know and she told him she did, he would be all over her later if she turned out to be wrong. "Why didn't you just tell me you didn't know?" and all that. So she has a point.

FloZach and the Bald Snark arrive in the general vicinity of the apartments at issue. There is some general discussion of whether they're at the right building, and then they pull in and park. Both teams run into the building, with Ken teasing FloZach about having piggybacked on the Bald Snark all the way from the gardens.

Jill and John Vito are still lost. Ugh. They stop and ask for directions. "Oh, no, the other way," the gas station guy tells Jill. Ugh again. They get going in the right direction again.

The twins are out in front of Asshat on the way to the zoo. (In case you ever wonder whether I have the coolest job ever, ask yourself how many people will ever get to write a sentence like that.) Derek, again, is yelling at Drew, again, about directions, again. "Get an indication of how far it is! Look on the map and determine how far it is! I'm sick of this!" Sheesh. Happy birthday to you too, Mr. Grumpypants. While they're bickering, Teri and Ian pass them. Derek and Drew fall in behind them and follow when they head left for the zoo entrance.

When they get into the zoo, Derek gets a map and commandeers a zoo guy, asking him where the mermaids are. Teri tries to sneak over and look. Derek, quite understandably, moves his guy to the side and asks the guy not to let Teri look on with him. Teri snots, "He'll show me after!" Oh, come on. What grade is this, anyway? These people all need cookies and juice and a nap, because they're all acting like three-year-olds. Derek gets the directions, and he and Drew head off, trying to get out of Asshat's line of vision while Asshat gets directions to follow.

Over at The Confusing Apartment Complex, the Bald Snark and FloZach are getting directions to the apartment they need. They're told that it's on the tenth floor. They hop in the elevator, but it turns out that the elevator only stops on certain floors, so they have to hop off on the eleventh floor and run down to the tenth. When they get off, they find that they're also on the wrong wing for the apartment number they need.

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