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Why Did You Have To Take Your Pants Off?!, Part II

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Shut up and Singapore

As the teams wait, Derek and Drew talk about how tense it is outside the garden entrance, because it's down to the last part of the last leg and so forth. Well, and nobody would want to talk to some of these teams anyway. Asian-influenced electric guitar tries to build the suspense for the dash into the garden.

Commercials. Gingerbread air freshener is just like baking in your home. Or try Baby Diaper Fresh when you feel that biological clock ticking.

Finally, the doors open. And...everyone jogs to the clue box. It's a little anticlimactic if you were expecting something out of James Bond with people running and yelling and stabbing each other in the eyeballs. They all pull their clues. It's time for the Detour, which Phil explains is a choice between...well, you know. Phil needs to comb his hair, by the way. In any event, the Detour this week is Dry or Wet. In Dry, you take a car and drive yourself to an apartment complex. The trick to finding it is that all the streets around it have the same name. (My parents' neighborhood is actually the same way.) Once you're there, you have to find a particular apartment, in spite of the fact that the numbering is wonky and the elevators work funny and it's all very, very slapsticky and not a very good Detour option at all. Oh, and when you find the apartment you're looking for, "Singapore's number one television star" will be there, and will hand you your clue. I don't want to say anything about Singaporean television, but judging from the looks of this guy, it's no wonder they like American TV. Anyway, in Wet, they have to drive themselves to the zoo and find the "mermaids," which turns out to mean a swim across the manatee enclosure. Also really not a particularly great Detour option. This leg of the race? Lame.

FloZach, Ken and Gerard, and John Vito and Jill all quickly choose the Dry option. Asshat and Derek and Drew decide to look for the swim. Oh, and over in Ian's unhappy land, he's snarling at Teri yet again for being too slow. "Now is the time to move," he orders. I so wish she would pull a Wil one of these days and just sit down somewhere when he does that, and refuse to move until he stops haranguing her.

Everyone piles into their cars. FloZach quickly realizes that they can't find anything on the map at all, so they fall in behind Ken and Gerard, hoping for the best. Kenny smiles to himself that he "might try to shake 'em," but I don't think he's serious. Elsewhere, Asshat and the twins are looking for the zoo. JVJ is looking for the apartments too, and she reminds him that he needs to be careful driving on the left. They run into trouble navigating, and when they stop to ask for directions, Jill is told that it's "far." (Jill, incidentally, is wearing those red shorts with the white piping that were all the rage in about 1980 -- she looks like a million bucks, of course, because she's Jill, and she's not afraid to tie you up and set you on fire, in this or any other decade.) She gets a lady to show her on the map how to get to the apartments, but things are clearly hitting a snag for them.

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