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Why Did You Have To Take Your Pants Off?!, Part II

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Shut up and Singapore

Oh, goody. More "flirting." Flo and Drew are playing cards on the train. Believe it or not, she voices over that he's "nice" yet again. There is voice-over yapping about the really big lurve. Bad timing, conflicts of interest, gingham sleeveless curtain shirt. "It's a tough game," he anvils. "I want you to be challenged," she falling-pianos. BOOM! CRASH! Wow, gravity is a bitch.

Everyone disembarks at the Singapore station, with poor Flo and Drew tossing tragic little "un-train my heart" glances at each other. Worst development? Ian found the Hat. Ew. Inside the station, Drew discusses the fact that the orchid gardens don't open until the next morning, and apparently the train trip took most of the rest of the day, so they need a place to sleep for the night. JVJ and the Bald Snark look for cabs outside and ask the drivers about hotels, while FloZach and the twins stay inside and try to figure out where to stay. Zach suggests the YMCA to Drew, which Flo overhears. She is not going to the YMCA, she pouts. You can see, among other things, that Derek grins at Zach as Flo starts to lose it, which is yet another thing she ought to take as a bad sign. She's becoming an object of sympathy between the various people who have to deal with her on the race, and that tends to suggest that there's something wrong. She says in an interview that she hadn't slept or showered in two days, so obviously, she needed someplace nicer than the YMCA. Not that she's been there or knows what the rooms are like. I'd point out that at least one other person was snoozing on the train while she was getting her Jessica Wakefield on with Drew, so if she were that desperate for sleep, it's not like there weren't opportunities. She bitches to Zach about how he shouldn't give her a hard time, because he knows that the quality of the hotel is important to her. The problem with this theory, of course, is that everything is important to her. Train versus taxi is important to her. Hotel versus other hotel is important to her. Not rappelling is important to her. Not bungee-jumping is important to her. She's partly got a girl-who-whined-wolf problem here, in that she plays this card constantly. She does this Quest For Pity thing a lot, and that's part of my whole objection to her. If it were just the hotels, he probably would be bending by now, but he can't, because she's this way about everything.

Zach suggests that they at least look at the YMCA and see whether it's okay or not before they decide against it. Flo has pouted off to the bank of plastic chairs and will not hear any more of it. Oh, that's helpful. Drew comes over to enable her for a bit, assuring her that "[she'll] be happy" and they'll "find something else." Because of course, she'll get her way. Just like always. So she won't cry. Ugh.

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