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Why Did You Have To Take Your Pants Off?!, Part I

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Everything Flo's downhill from here

Elsewhere, Teri claims to be considering whether she wants to jump or not.

As the train ride ends, Flo gets out of the twin car and jumps in behind Zach. They exchange "hey"s, and he looks at the map. The music attempts to convince you that he is upset and jealous. In fact, he is looking at the map, because someone has to, and if he leaves it to Flo, they will wind up in Norway. When the train pulls in, the teams make tracks and head in the direction of the adventure park and the red bridge. For whatever reason, Derek and Drew are still attempting navigation by compass, and Drew apparently can't make the compass work at all, which -- surprise, surprise -- makes Derek yell at him some more. (Maybe he can't work the compass because the red needle points incessantly at his steely eyes.) I swear, if this team has a signature image, it's Derek screeching at Drew from the front seat. Actually, perhaps being used to all that screeching is why Drew doesn't mind Flo. "You have a compass disability, and it's severe," Derek laments.

As FloZach drives, Zach smiles and says that he saw the red bridge, which he describes as "a very small bridge spanning a very large gap." You can tell he's thinking with amused dread about what a wonderful experience it's going to be to share this moment with Flo. She says she's "feeling severe, severe anxiety." There's a shocker for you. We see the twin car, and Drew voices over that he was really feeling a little unsure himself about whether he wanted to jump off something that was quite this high up. Gerard sees it, too, and pronounces it "horrifying." I must admit that it is pretty damn high. And pretty damn small.

Asshat, as usual, is struggling. Their navigation skills have failed them, and he's demanding that she tell him where to go. I could tell him where to go, of course, but that's a little different. Nerd Lust and the Bald Snark, however, arrive at the red bridge at approximately the same time. There is some running around looking for the clue, and when they all break for it, there's actually a bit of a scuffle in which Kenny apparently tries to body-slam Drew on the way down the little hill. Or maybe the other way around. ["It looked to me like Ken just lost his footing." -- Sars] Either way, it doesn't work. They all wind up pulling the clue, and it's the week's Detour. The choices are Extreme Swiss and Very Swiss. (Another bad Detour name, but I guess I should be used to it by now.) In Extreme Swiss, you make the bungee jump. Pro? Fast. Con? The possibility of winding up as a pasty smear on the floor of the gorge. In Very Swiss, you go to a goat farm and grab a bell off a goat. Pro? Goats have very little bloodlust. Con? Theoretically slower. But Phil says that there are only seventy-five goats, and there are presumably at least five keys if there's one per team, and there may even be ten if there's one per person, so it's not going to take terrifically long to find one. In fact, Phil says (with reference to the goats), "Completing this task might take a long time." Yeah. Or not.

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