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Why Did You Have To Take Your Pants Off?!, Part I

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Everything Flo's downhill from here

Speaking of FloZach, here they are, taking off at 4:56 AM. Flo is certainly trying to make an impression on someone, because she looks totally different all of a sudden, like she just got back from the salon or something. Ah, what the presence of a boy who might be prettier than you are will do to a girl. As she and Zach walk off, Flo voices over that although Zach is "great" (read: "present"), Drew is "older" (read: "a model"), and "more grounded" (read: "did I mention he's a model?"). She goes on to say that Drew being "a little bit more sure of himself" is what she finds so very enchanting. Well, they do say that opposites attract. Blah dee blah, she lurves him, because he's purty, and quite honestly, no one cares. Except Flo. Because she cares passionately about everything, as long as it's about her.

Nerd Lust navigates its way toward the hill where the glacier gorge (I can only get the ten-letter-word bonus once per word per recap) is located. They decide that since they can't even do anything until 9:00, they'll just hit a hotel for a rest. For four hours. For God's sake, they can't even sleep outside for four hours? They're on a race with limited funds, and they're going to pay an overnight rate for a place to nap? Dummies. Furthermore, a twin uses the word "flippin'" as a swear word. Wow, I thought they only did that on the broadcast version of The Breakfast Club.

5:03 AM. Asshat. Teri, in an interview, explains that no one has tried to be their ally, because they all think she and the Hat are "an easy target" and not a threat and so forth. Of course it never occurs to her that their thoroughly ugly behavior might actually have something to do with why no one wants to play with them. She is so obnoxious. Ian, on the other hand, claims in his interview that for the other teams, "[the] focus is to try to get us out of the race because they fear us." You'll notice that his comment and her comment are diametrically opposed -- she claims they're underestimated by everyone; he claims they're feared by everyone. Who knew they'd disagree? Oh, those two crazy kids.

5:07 AM. The Bald Snark. Gerard, accompanied by the sad foreshadowing music, explains that it's been a long time since he saw his family, and he really misses them. It turns out that he has two-year-old twins. Aww. He says he tries not to think about them, because it would make him sad. Well, it's a good thing he never has to see any twins, then.

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