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Why Did You Have To Take Your Pants Off?!, Part I

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Everything Flo's downhill from here

Commercials. Go away, Mike Myers. There's got to be a hole you can hide in.

Derek is still giving Drew the pep talk. "Unbelievable." "Awesome." "Take a good dive." Drew still looks like he just ate a frog. Nevertheless, he straps in and takes the jump. "Aaaaaaaaah!" And at the bottom? "Wooo!" I wonder if tape of me would reveal that I unwittingly say "Woo!" as much as these people do, because they say it a lot. And they don't seem to notice. "Okay, I'm fine now," Drew says as he dangles. Heh.

The lonely goatherds are still chasing their quarry around the pen. Kenny grabs one by sort of sneaking up and sitting on it. He pulls the key, and they're off. They go up to the red-and-yellow flag and open a little compartment with their names on it. Inside, there's a cell phone. FloZach gets their key as well, and they open up their compartment and retrieve their cell phone. The phones come with a clue that says that they need to go to a route marker at the Chateau de Chillon on Lake Geneva, but that before they leave, they can use the cell phone to call their loved ones. Of course, the longer you talk, the farther behind you get, because you can't leave until you're through talking. Have we mentioned that these are T-Mobile phones? Because they are T-Mobile phones. From the T-Mobile people. At T-Mobile. The show would like you not to miss it, lest said T-Mobile people wind up thinking they didn't get much bang for their product placement buck. T-Mobile T-Mobile T-Mobile. Gerard is especially excited to read the clue. Phil elaborates on the clue, the chateau, and the devilish question of whether to stay on the phone or whether to get moving. Gerard actually can't finish reading the clue because he's misting up. Aww. Zach is excited as well.

The first call is Gerard, calling home, where his wife and his mom and dad are waiting by the phone. His wife picks up. He tells her how much he misses her, and he checks up on the kids. Very cute. Mrs. Gerard seems very sweet, as you would expect. Damn you, production types -- stop melting my cold, ruthless heart!

Oh, good. Flo is talking. This will restore the coldness and ruthlessness. The phone dials Zach's house. He gets on the phone with his sister Ariel, who looks a lot like him, except without the headband. Amusingly, he tells her he's fine, and then he tells her to please pay his credit card bill for him. Heh. She assures him that they paid it. He hands the phone off to Flo, who gets to talk to her "best friend" Lindsay. She is all excited. She manages to say "amazing" twice.

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