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Previously on You Say It's A Competition; I Say It's Just Another Pyramid Scheme: The teams bugged out of snowy Russia and headed for sandy Egypt, with Colin and Christie jumping out to a lead that was healthier than their manner of bickering. Marshall's knees cried, complained, and dabbed themselves with little hankies. ("Can't we pleeease trade with the elbows for, like, ten minutes? They're bendy, they can step in!") The overexposed Charla and Mirna were the new Rupert, and controversy swirled around their monopolization of the fishing spear and their whimsical stealing of everyone's shoes. After a too-kind Chip bailed the Twinkies out of an oblivion-driven jam, the moms finished last, and discovered that although they would remain in the race, they were abruptly broke and would remain so at the beginning of the next leg, potentially setting up their own personal entrepreneurial Detour: Wash Plates or Sell Platelets. Seven teams left -- "Who will be"

Credits. Do the Twinkies really play soccer? I wonder how they remember which way the goal is. Maybe they're attached to it with little clips, like kids and mittens. [BOMP.]

Commercials. Truly, Diet Coke with Lime is the nectar of the gods. As with TiVo, I wonder how I ever lived without it. And, as with TiVo, it may wind up bankrupting me.

Dun, dun, dun-dun-dun dun! We are in Cairo, home of a whole lot of people, many of the most famous of whom are dead. In that sense, it's very similar to Memphis. The Sphinx, which Phil is standing in front of -- because you don't stroll past nondescript cityscapes if you have the Sphinx available -- was the fifth pit stop. Wait, have they ever done morphing before on this show? Because there's a shot of the Sphinx morphing into...well, into itself from a different angle, which means I think the guys in post-production maybe need to get a little more adventurous with the special effects. If KamiKarli morphed into the face of a horse? Now that's comedy. ["'Morphed'?" -- Sars] Once again, Phil feels the need to remind us that Linda and Karen were not Philiminated at the end of the last leg, but instead lost all their money. You know, in case you just got here. Phil wonders whether they will "be defeated by this obstacle," or whether they'll live to squeak another day. He also wonders whether Colin and Christie can hang on to their lead, although everyone who's watched this show before already knows the answer, which has a "B" at the beginning and an "unching" at the end. (If you need more help than that, this isn't the show for you.)

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