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Colin and friends visit a travel agent, who quickly realizes that he has just hit the jackpot and is about to sell sixteen last-minute tickets to Russia and can probably retire to the South Pacific. The agency staff works on their flight plans from Buenos Aires to St. Petersburg. A flight is located, and Colin says to reserve those, and then keep looking for something faster. The guy agrees. I'll say this -- Colin kind of creeps me out, especially when he's eating the props, but he does have remarkably good strategic planning capabilities, in that he constantly searches for a better deal than whatever he has -- that's how he got the better bus, that's how he's handling the flights, and that's how he and Christie got on standby for the 9:10 flight in the last leg. I would kind of admire him if he didn't have the eyes that make my blood run cold.

At 9:30 AM, Charla and Mirna, the Moms, Bob and Joyce, and the Twinkies take off in the Slow But Early bus. A Twinkie complains that they have "no cell phones, no internet service," and presumably no way to work on getting their tickets. "We don't have any control over our situation right now," she says anxiously. Which is what happens when you slack off, as they repeatedly have. As much as I hate to make predictions due to my tendency to be totally wrong, I do think that if there's one pattern you can start to pick out over the seasons as far as who does well over the course of a season, it's the Extra Step teams. They get a flight, but they take one more step and look for a better one. Or they befriend locals on buses to get information about getting places, or they investigate ideas that aren't obvious, like buses that are faster than trains. I have yet to see much in the way of extra steps from the Twinkies, Moms, Bob and Joyce, Mirna and Charla, or Chip and Kim, whereas Colin and Christie and Brandon and Nicole do it constantly, and Lance and Marshall do it at least sometimes. It's not the only way you can advance yourself, but it's one thing I find myself watching for.

And here, I am collapsing into Race Theory, which is horrifying. Shut up, it's been almost 100 episodes. For me, that's like forty million pages of recaps, so it's all got to come to something productive. There are no graduate programs in this area, unfortunately.

The Fast But Later bus folks, meanwhile, are back at their travel agency, and are discussing the fact that there is the opportunity for one team, but not more, to get an earlier flight to St. Petersburg than the rest of them. Lance proposes that Colin and Christie should get it, based on their leading role in the way this all developed. The group agrees. At noon, their bus departs, with Marshall briefly interviewing that they feel good about already having tickets in hand that will get them all the way to Russia.

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