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Who Says Pageant Girls Don't Eat?

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Champagne wishes and caviar [bleeeaaaargh]

Bob and Joyce decide to do the hockey.

At the palace, the Twinkies and Moms drink their vodka shots. They get the bronze horseman clue.

Bob and Joyce block five shots. We're moving quickly now, folks, cruising toward the ending, in case you haven't noticed. Bob and Joyce give really cute bows to the guys applauding in the stands on their way out. They really are lovable. They get a taxi to the horse. And at the horse, the Twinkies and Moms get the restaurant clue and leave again.

At the restaurant, Nicole is lying on a sort of an improvised bed made up of chairs and tablecloths. Brandon brings her what looks like it might be some tea, and she sits up and sips. Aw.

The Twinkies speed toward the restaurant, fretting over whether there are teams behind them or not. Similarly, Linda and Karen aren't sure where Bob and Joyce have wound up. Bob and Joyce are, in fact, behind them -- reading the restaurant clue, to be precise. He's hoping that they've "still got a chance."

Brandon asks Nicole if she wants to just go in again and take a bite and see how she feels. "Yeah," she agrees. Back in the room, Brandon says, "Why don't you try a bite and see how your body responds to it?" Her hand shakes hard as she tries to bring the spoon to her mouth. "You can do it, babe," he says calmly. She takes a bite and then a gulp of water. "Come on, Lord, help her," Brandon says, pacing. Yeah, when somebody's sick and shaking? That's when talking to God is okay. Brandon claps as he says, "You're gonna do it, don't stop." He gives her some sports metaphors about being "at the goal line," and she goes ahead and finishes the caviar. They get the clue, and outside, they have a little high-five, although she does look like she can barely move. In the sleigh, he says, "I love you." "I love you," she says back. And then they smooch, which is very impressive, because she's got to be really fishy. They go up the steps, and are informed that they're team number five. Good thing Brandon angled for that earlier flight. She looks pretty tired and nasty, but smiles as he puts his arm around her. She voices over that he is "so supportive," and she's seeing that their relationship "lifts [her] up." I like them. You know, for the moment. These things are often fleeting.

The Twinkies and Moms peel out of their cars at the restaurant and run inside. Karli and Linda take the Roadblock. Karli seems to take the approach of eating the caviar with some of the available bread, which might be a good idea, except for the sheer volume, which I don't think will support that technique for very long.

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