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Champagne wishes and caviar [bleeeaaaargh]

She agrees to do the Roadblock. Inside, she approaches the bowl. "This whole thing?" she says in some disbelief. The waiter says yes. Still standing up, Christie removes her winter hat and dips a spoon into the bowl. Already offering hints, Colin says, "Just take your time." She lifts it toward her mouth and hesitates, already psyching herself out. She puts a big spoonful in her mouth and starts to gag, but swallows it. "It's okay," he says. "Don't try to eat so much at once." I don't really think that's very good advice. She asks him to pour her some juice. He hands her some. She takes another spoonful, and then takes another gulp of juice. See? She's on the right track, as later people's experience will demonstrate. Despite the fact that she appears to be doing fine, he starts to give her further advice, in this case telling her to mix the caviar into the juice. Ew, no. That's a horrible idea. She takes another big spoonful, and she gags, but she chases it with a drink and gets on with it. Driving up the pressure and thus the likelihood of her psyching herself out, Colin says to her in a very consciously "look how controlled I'm being" manner, "Do you want to try to mix it with the juice? Why don't you want to try to do that?" Keeping in mind that she's doing all right up to this point, it really seems counterproductive for him to be hounding her about doing it differently. I think it would have been far wiser of him to be really chill at this point, more like, "You're doing great, this is no problem -- just keep it up just like that, and you'll be done." She really doesn't look like she needs advice on how to do it differently, and I think the more he makes it sound like she isn't doing it right, the more it turns into a crisis, and it looked to me like having it turn into a crisis was the psychological point you wanted to avoid reaching in this situation.

Somewhat along these lines, when he returns to "mix it with the juice" and demands to know why she won't do it -- this being the second time he's brought it up -- she says "because" through clenched teeth. Hee. "Just leave me alone," she snarls. I'm telling you, he was reeeally making it worse. He puts up his hands in an unmistakable gesture standing for the notion that if she won't take his excellent advice of mixing the caviar in with juice, he's not responsible for the consequences. "It's a horrible, horrible idea, by the way -- you'd never hide the taste, all you would do is increase the volume of what she has to choke down. Caviar will not dissolve. Can you imagine the sludge you'd wind up with from caviar mixed with red bug juice? It's like the only way it could be made worse.

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