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Champagne wishes and caviar [bleeeaaaargh]

Brandon, Nicole, and the AYL are traveling to St. Petersburg via Sao Paolo and London. Brandon's turtleneck is creeping me out.

Mirna and Charla return to the Swiss Air lady, apparently having not yet arranged a backup plan, and she tells them that they're not getting on the flight; it's full. Mirna voices over that she was "counting on the Swiss Airlines flight," which doesn't seem like it was a great plan after she was told there were no seats on it, but maybe she was counting on her language skills to earn her a spot. They make a mad dash for tickets.

Marshall and Lance and Chip and Kim are going to St. Petersburg via Madrid and Frankfurt. Aaaand...there they go.

Bob and Joyce are struggling with the airline reservations. They're supposed to be confirmed on a route with Air France, but when they get their tickets, they turn out to be business class. As Joyce explains, there's no buying business class on the race -- economy class only, or at least the economy price only. Unfortunately, the ticket lady breaks it to them that there are no economy class tickets available. You know, I think Air France is kind of mean. Joyce starts to look at the ground sadly, and Bob tells her not to lose hope. "Start thinking positive thoughts," he says. She says she's not giving up, but she is "depressed." Heh. Yeah, I bet.

Mirna, at a ticket counter: "We need to go to Roose-ee-yah, right now." She even punctuates the "right now" by slapping the counter. I bet she just made herself popular all over the world with that. No, the flight is full. Wow, shocking that that didn't work, isn't it? She even slapped the counter. I wonder why they didn't want to help her. As she pushes Charla around in a luggage cart (hee), they start to act panicky. I wish I believed panic was called for.

Commercials. "Buy our phone plan, and you'll act like a guy in a band." Yeah, sign me up immediately.

Back at the Buenos Aires airport, both Mirna and Charla and Bob and Joyce are still working on flights. Finally, Bob and Joyce work out a deal with Lufthansa, and they seem to be at least on their way, if badly screwed nonetheless. They actually wind up on the same flight from Buenos Aires to Madrid as the Twinkies and Moms. However, as Phil Phills in the details, we learn that the Twinkies and Moms will go from Madrid to St. Petersburg through Paris, while Bob and Joyce will have to wait and connect later through Frankfurt.

As the Luck of the Obnoxious (they're not competent enough to have achieved Evil) would have it, Mirna and Charla are able to take advantage of a cancellation, and they manage to get a flight with only one connection in Frankfurt. They would.

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