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Champagne wishes and caviar [bleeeaaaargh]

Charla and Mirna get on the waiting list for Swiss Air and, apparently, think they're all set. Because standby is just as good as real seats. Moms and Twinkies get tickets. Next at the airport are Brandon and Nicole, who are accompanied upon their arrival at the airport by ominous music. Brandon explains that they're going to be calling the Bariloche travel agent to see if there's anything earlier. I would assume this is partly checking to see if seats have opened up late, as they sometimes do. Brandon and Nicole crowd into a little phone booth, and Brandon reminds the travel agent who he is. He wants to know if there's a possibility that they can get on an earlier flight.

And seriously, if you aren't in love with the Amazing Camera Guys, you should be. Because at this point, we cut to a shot of a bunch of nuns in white, descending on the escalator, accompanied by the previously established Holy Music of Praying To The Arr/Dep Board, and then we sliiiiiiide back over to Brandon on the phone. Hee. I do believe it is time to revive an old recap tradition and send multiple smooches in the direction of various people you've never heard of, with the usual apologies if the wrong people are being thanked -- blame the credits. But while you're munching pretzels, give some love to Your Camera Guys: John "My Brother Won The Tour de France Six Times And All I Got Was This Lousy Camera" Armstrong, Sylvester "Tweety" Campe, Tom "Howard" Cunningham, Chip "Bud" Goebert, Bob "The Mob" Good, Per A.C. "D.C." Larsson, Dave "Chuckles" Ross, Uri "Twinkletoes" Sharon, and Jeff "Elizabeth" Taylor. Oh, and Lead Camera Peter "The Dominator" Wery, who looks to have been promoted since last we shouted out camera guys. That's what happens to guys who are called "The Dominator."

Anyway, Brandon apparently gets news of a British Airways option, and they head off to check it out. (Their mischievous camera guy, following them: "Man, that was classic. Nuns! Score! I am so getting a raise.")

Colin and Christie check in. Phil explains, with the help of the Amazing Yellow Line, that they -- and only they -- are going to St. Petersburg via Sao Paolo, Brazil, and then Paris. Elsewhere, Marshall and Lance and Chip and Kim spot Brandon and Nicole at the British Airways counter and head down to check it out. There, Brandon tells them what he's doing, which is having the guy check out "a spot on British Airways." As the two other teams hover, the lady tells Brandon and Nicole that their flight will land at 4:15 in St. Petersburg -- instead of 6:00. Marshall tries to follow them onto the same flight, but he finds that there are no more seats. "We can't get mad at 'em," Kim says easily when Brandon and Nicole are gone. "They're playing the game," Chip agrees. Sometimes, I just want to jump through the TV and thank people personally for Getting It, especially when Getting It is in such short supply. Lance grumps, "I'm not mad at 'em, but...they're scumbags." But then he sort of smiles, and I took that as more of an "I know I have nothing to be pissed about, but I'm pissed anyway" moment. Having taken offense to "Bitch," which is much more true than "scumbags" is here, I still didn't find that at all off-putting.

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