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Steve and Allie do the condor jump about as well as the Think Tank teams did, and get their clue in sixth place.

As Shannon and Jody finally get off the last bus from Santiago, do we really need to see that they're "currently in last place?" They get in their car, pinning their thin hopes to the possibility that someone else doesn't know how to drive stick. That's a winning long-term strategy, right there.

Speaking of which, Dan is driving down a narrow road that looks like a private drive to somewhere, but Jordan insists they need to keep going in this direction. But then the road literally ends in the water, as it leads to a boat access ramp and nothing else. I guess I have to give them credit for not actually driving the car into the lake. Man, how do you get lost in Chile, anyway? Look at a globe, and you'll see the country is like twelve thousand miles long and six blocks wide. Pick one direction, and you've got a fifty-fifty chance it'll be the right one.

After the ads, they obviously have to turn around, but since Dan can't seem to get the car into reverse, Jordan has to get out and push. Once they're back underway, Dan calls Jordan an idiot, and Jordan points out his contribution of pushing the car. Which he wouldn't have had to do if he hadn't steered them in the wrong direction anyway, and Dan is duly unimpressed. They find someone to ask, and he points them in the direction they came from. "Peach, we got it!" Jordan says from the back seat, smile/cringing.

Jody talks about what a great time she's having in the back of the car while Shannon drives. In a solo interview where you can see for the first time how much Jody must have looked like Shannon back in the Mad Men, days, she talks about how happy she is to spend this time with Shannon, who she basically says is her favorite grandchild. Aw, I bet she says that about all of her grandchildren that she goes on national TV with. Shannon says it's a team effort, since she learned to drive stick from her grandma. This is the kind of getting-to-know-you sequence we generally see from teams that are utterly doomed.

Dan and Jordan finally reach the hotel Petrohué, and counting the parked cars, figure they're in ninth place. They're correct, but I don't know how that worked when at least one other team's car is already gone.

Michael tries to distract a llama with food while Louie approaches from behind with the blanket. The llama is not fooled. Monique and Shawne join them in the corral, and get done rather quickly, leaving the detectives in the mud. "I can't believe those sisters freaking got ahead of us," Michael grumps, which is a pretty questionable remark. Then Louie gets the idea of corralling a llama within the corral, using long branches to herd one into a corner. From outside the fence, Michael gets it blanketed and scarved, and they're off in ninth place. I hope for their sake they are more efficient when subduing armed suspects than they are alpine ruminants.

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