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Steve and Allie also decide to do "flying." Louie is gasping for breath as he and Michael reach the top of the hill, and decide to do llama. Louie explains that he's good with animals, and Michael adds that he's seen Louie calm down pit bulls. "You look like a llama," Michael tells Louie. And you know how sometimes there will be a brief side-by-side splitscreen edit to serve as a transition from one location to another? Right now, that three-season-old change is looking goddamn prescient, because it provides an excuse to show a side-by-side comparison of the faces of Louie and one of the llamas. Which is hilarious despite the fact that Louie looks more like a walrus.

Joe announces, "I don't want this one," and takes their blanket off the llama it's already on. Which annoys Heidi, and it is pretty high-handed of him, but then when he approaches a llama that's lying on the ground and gets it dressed up right away, I can't argue with his results. His communication skills, however, could use some work. They get their clue in second place. Carol and Brandy, meanwhile, have waited for one llama to stick his head through the fence, so now they're free to have their way with it. Sartorially, I mean.

Brent and Caite wade ashore and open their clue, now in fourth place. Back on Isla Margarita, Shawne and Monique (you remember them, right? The moms-slash attorneys?) follow a flock of sheep uphill to Mirador, breathlessly read their clue, and decide to do llama.

"This is gonna be awesome," Jeff says incorrectly as he and Jordan prepare to do their condor flight. He wonders if it's even possible to reach the buoy in one leap. "Maybe if you know what you're doing," Jordan says, which...well, you know. Leaving aside the fact that knowing what she's doing is not Jordan's strong suit, anybody who did know what they were doing would take one look at these condors and say, "Where the llamas at?" Jeff interviews about going out with some dignity. "That was a joke," he tells Jordan. She claims to know that. They make their run, flapping, their wings, and plummet. "I think we were just like, off, tshh," Jeff says correctly. They swim out to their clue.

Dan and Jordan are still on the road to Petrohué hotel, and Jordan doesn't seem to realize that even though he's in the back seat, he's supposed to have been navigating. So out of nowhere, he tells Dan to turn left. Somehow it comes off not so much as him suddenly knowing where they are, but wanting to say something decisive. In this, at least, he succeeds, but I'm not convinced it's a worthy goal.

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