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Carol|Brandy and Joe|Heidi arrive at the corral next, and Carol admires the eyelashes on one of the llamas before asking it, "You're going to spit on me, aren't you?" Sounds like a lot of dates I used to have. Joe thinks he's found one that likes him. It must like him that way, because it jealously spits in his wife's face. It's like Melrose Place with llamas. He tries to distract it by feeding it from their corn pouch (every team is issued one along with the scarf and blanket, looks like) while Heidi attempts the "throw" method to cover its back and it darts away. Carol and Brandy gingerly approach one, until it starts threatening to kick and walks away. "Okay, maybe not that one," Carol chirps. Joe is trying to get a blanket on one llama from behind when it kicks him in the knee. "Whoa, big time," Joe says, spooked but not crippled as he rubs his offended leg.

Jordan and Jeff get their Road Block clue and Jeff wants to fly over the lake, even though he's not sure how that's going to work. Then there a splitscreen transition to Brent and Caite getting their first look at their condor waiting on the dock, and having severe second thoughts of their own. Now, what I know about aerodynamics would fit into this paragraph, and is in fact about to. Try for a moment to imagine a hang-glider, which is of course an expanse of nylon stretched with precision over an ultralight frame that keeps it in the exact shape it needs to be. Now imagine making one yourself, out of a worn-out tent with broken poles, while blindfolded and wearing mittens, inside a phone booth. Cut giant holes in the wings big enough for a person to stand in. And then attach a big stuffed condor head to the front, just in case the unwieldy thing is tempted to do something crazy like get its nose up and actually catch any air at all under those useless wings. And then take it for a test flight, but make sure your launching pad isn't very high, because if it is you will certainly be killed. This is what Brent and Caite are about to "fly" in. A smaller combo consisting of pan pipes and a furry-skinned drum is playing here as they get into wetsuits and bird feet, just to add a little extra weight. They climb the steep ramp up onto the high dock, get into their condor-kite, and count off before running in sync to the end. Where they make a leap, and the music gets all heavenly as they "take flight." But even the most creative editing can't hide the fact that they pretty much crash straight down. They interview about how cold and breathtaking the water was, but then they abandon the useless wreck of their condor (which is actually less useless now that it's wet and can be cut into rags to use for cleaning), swim to the buoy, and get their clue, kissing out in the lake. Nice how they don't have to go back and keep trying until they land on the buoy, because man, that is never going to happen.

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