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It's still raining the next morning as the first direct bus from Santiago, carrying Joe|Heidi and Carol|Brandy, pulls in to Puerto Varas. They find their cars and are on their way in third and second, respectively. "Holy shikey, Mikey, this is amazing!" Brandy dorks from behind the wheel of their car.

The second bus from Temuco arrives next, and Brent|Caite are off in fourth, Caite driving because Brent can't drive stick. "I like my women to drive me around," Brent says. So does Jeff, apparently, because he's in the back seat of the fifth-place cars with Jordan as they look for the Petrohué. Nice recovery, Think Tank. Seriously.

Picturesque footage of waterfalls and mountains accompany Jet and Cord getting out of their car. Cord is now wearing a makeshift hat protector of his own, made from a garbage bag. I don't feel the need to make fun of their cowboy hats inherently, and can even see the cool factor for people who are able to pull it off (a demographic that Jet and Cord are much further into than, say, I am), but encasing it in a trash bag kind of knocks that cool factor into the negative. They hit the trail at 7:30 sharp. It looks muddy and uphill, at least until it leads them to a pier with ten classic wooden cabin cruisers docked and waiting. While riding across an enormous lake, Cord says he hopes they don't have to swim, because he didn't bring trunks. "I been skinny dipping once or twice," he volunteers. Jet scootches away from him on the bench, and they both laugh in their certainty that we won't mistake them for Sam and Dan.

Back at the Petrohué, it's pretty close between Carol|Brandy and Joe|Heidi, followed by Brent|Caite and Jordan|Jeff. Jordan asks Jeff to carry her bags for some reason. "I'm a mule on this trip," Jeff complains, which I hope also applies to their reproductive status.

The lake looks pretty rough now, and Brandy, sitting out on the uncovered part of the deck, says, "If you throw up, you're gonna throw up." Can't argue with that. Carol stays under the boat's deck, out of the rain an the spray and out or range of whatever may come out of Brandy on this voyage.

The second direct bus from Santiago is just now arriving with its big, fat, back of the pack. Steve|Allie are out in sixth, followed by the Detectives, then Monique and Shawne, the former of whom says she hasn't driven a stick in ten years and hopes other teams suck at it. This is almost never a vain hope. For example: here's Jordan, trying to get his and Dan's car out onto the road before they lose their ninth-place ranking. "We had the understanding that Jordan was gonna be the stick shift driver," Dan interviews. Unfortunately that seems to be as far as their understanding of stick shift driving goes, because Jordan still has the handbrake engaged. After a little interview clip where Dan mocks Jordan for even knowing, let along using the word "fallacy," Dan gets in the driver's seat and undoes the "e-brake" right away.

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